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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1930 August 2 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Times Cryptic Crossword.

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1930

Clues Answers
A Greek character, the first woman to win ACHIEVE
Abroad, Pete’s acted as guide, describing some churches STEEPLED
Body of policemen lean on pornographic business thin blue line
Cockney’s cry of distress encountering alien young bird OWLET
Disconcert jogger heading off, vest half-exposed UNNERVE
Dissident woman’s quote retracted HERETIC
Father’s dance step PAS
Film actor refurbished moorland barn Marlon Brando
German-born composer frequently heard another composer OFFENBACH
Green alder decaying below upset me EMERALD
Handled soft fabric FELT
Island’s crime associated with crack or Ecstasy SINGAPORE
Jockey cleared the barrier finally RIDER
Clues Answers
Knight departs during broadcast’s lowest point NADIR
Last female deer succeeded initially in annual test HINDMOST
Left personal documents in German aircraft GLIDER
Mum in studio regularly selected Oriental food SUSHI
Note the barking canines, for example TEETH
Opening some port, Nigel reflected INTRO
Person cherished a large flower section PETAL
Plan central parts of kids’ meal IDEA
Plump freshwater fish in reserve CHUBBY
Rod’s son cheers very loudly STAFF
Run on to hill TOR
Suspect ponders answer RESPOND
Thin pastry split on the outside by uncultured learner STRUDEL