The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2139 May 20 2022 Crossword Solutions

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2139

Clues Answers
A long time later, when we’re closed? after hours
A measure of force to implant monitor in rodent VOLTAGE
As hooter is heard, votes against NOES
At centre of village, social event for politicians green party
Aunt cooked fish TUNA
Daughter, robust but stupefied DRUGGED
Doctor is required in harmful weather DROUGHT
Dreadful fare cooked, not all FEARSOME
Enduring holding vote outside EXTERNAL
European married in Kent? SWEDE
Feeble golf becomes an obsession THING
Instrument that puts that woman on the spot ZITHER
Clues Answers
Keep thinking of Paddington? bear in mind
One asserting he will play the dummy DECLARER
One begged for a repeat PARDON
One marsh turning into desert GOBI
Opposed directly, one had adapted head-on
Poirot’s cases were never so like a baffling crossword? UNSOLVED
Shepherd’s first try to remove a fleece SHEAR
Spirit a little melancholy ELAN
Sullivan’s partner given a new start, the nut FILBERT
Take notice? I’d say that man did HEEDED
Uneven zeal’s undone South American VENEZUELAN
US soldier back visiting a second friend from abroad AMIGO

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