The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2140 May 23 2022 Crossword Solutions

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2140
Clues Answers
A record with minimum of snow in the mountains ALPS
Bird to get down SWALLOW
Civilised European drinking Vermouth POLITE
Comment concerning Matthew’s successor REMARK
Don’s stage put on
Evil can upset a city VALENCIA
Explain trophy inscribed with name of tragic king clear up
Fastener for hair LOCK
Fibre shown by little girl confronting gangster? SISAL
I had a small house somewhere in America IDAHO
Melon’s different fruit LEMON
My face is diffusing warmth CORDIAL
Order editor around, making protest DEMO
Parrot given material to consume REPEAT
Providing funds for the last bit unpaid ENDOWING
Provincial party set up __ food provided PUD
Range for cooking crumpets SPECTRUM
Request made by intimate learner BEGINNER
Ruler protected by assistants arriving TSAR
Sailor turning up is unpleasant person RAT
Saint opposing a time of fasting in East VALENTINE
Shock a quiet chum APPAL
Sort of preacher to want more liars converted MORALISER
Thus African country must be African! SOMALI
Tries to see noble fellows PEERS
Very impressive ace, first person to get total read out AWESOME

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