The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2166 June 28 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2166
Clues Answers
Alarm Republican leaving for battle FIGHT
Backroom boy away in wine store BOFFIN
Band created, we hear, for a pub employee BARMAID
Beneficiary taking shelter outside entrance, possibly LEGATEE
Bishop leaves drunk for game LOTTO
Blockhead initially dismissing this writer’s humour DIMWIT
Bury girl, one on break INTERMISSION
Condition favouring face covering, mostly PROVISO
Damage borne by sickbay in old European republic san marino
Epilogue, or draft we prepared AFTERWORD
Gloat, getting farm animal across river CROW
Go into hospital department with hesitation ENTER
Great conductor, strange sort, supporting West? MAESTRO
Man overcome by one daughter’s literary style IDIOM
Object of historic interest: some require licences RELIC
Offence victim ultimately is bearing? MISDEMEANOUR
One abandoning course, a rejecter of conventions DROPOUT
Piece of cast metal pub reportedly obtained INGOT
Pudding made by son in the past SAGO
Quick to give cue PROMPT
Sailor bringing deserter from the East TAR
Threaten mischief-maker with death! IMPEND
Twisted-sounding grass RYE
Varsity sportsperson down in the dumps BLUE
Work in north-east? The answer’s in the negative NOPE
Wrongly target a sporting event __ at Henley, perhaps? REGATTA

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