The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2205 August 22 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2205

Clues Answers
American tucked into his unusual Japanese food SUSHI
Anger erupting about closing of elegant wedding venue GRETNA
Applaud revolutionary role? Nonsense CLAPTRAP
Be careful — yobbo packing punch that takes head off look out
Be greatly entertained to be ready for soccer? have a ball
Box, additional, but not full SPAR
Cancel removal of second article from regular publication ANNUL
Dislike a variant? AVERSION
Entertained us, plunging into a sea AMUSED
Fail to include old American institute OMIT
Fancy a whisky? Very quickly! like a shot
Fruit and nuts, mostly BANANA
Furniture item till now is lacking base SOFA
Clues Answers
Instant support SECOND
IT firm investing in odd bits of some TV series? SITCOM
King, coming in to occupy throne, twirled this, being playful SKITTISH
Lack of interest in proven nuisance ENNUI
Location of Greek oracle guided retreating Greek character DELPHI
No carrying stone that’s unpleasant NASTY
Nothing keeping article secure NAIL
Sikh’s opening statement of belief? It’s a long document SCREED
Stain resembling small lake? TARNISH
Stewed apricot not right with a pudding TAPIOCA
The writer’s keeping on meeting mischievous royalty? MONARCHY
Very agreeable drink CORDIAL
Very keen about Queen using a towel DRYING

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