The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2212 August 31 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2212
Clues Answers
Bike patron misplaced __ a situation at Wimbledon, maybe? break point
Carefully looked at fish, it’s said EYED
Criticism originally faced by the French king FLAK
Crystalline compound I demonstrated? ISATIN
Cut out PE without hesitation EXCISE
Destruction surrounding gear in warship FRIGATE
Devotional carving kept in attic once ICON
Edition of magazine for children ISSUE
Energy shown by revellers at first in seedy bar DRIVE
Expert having tendency to conceal notes ADEPT
Good queen supporting a British nun ABBESS
Ill-fated United Nations woman entertaining king UNLUCKY
Impress popular writer INSCRIBE
Insecure shifting dunes at end of bay UNSTEADY
Jarring sound principally associated with Neptune’s spear STRIDENT
Like King Arthur’s men, losing head regularly NIGHTLY
Neighbourhood accommodating new stadium ARENA
Noblewoman initially devouring undercooked game DUCHESS
Old Arab nomad partially relishes a race north SARACEN
Part of Canada that inspires our country? YUKON
Possible milk supplier given chips by Scotsman, perhaps FRIESIAN
Pretty sash adapted for dance in Scotland STRATHSPEY
Qualm about king’s possible aircraft accident PRANG
Ravine identified by Tory touring a US state CANYON
Reportedly crucial place for loading and unloading ships QUAY
Ride round outskirts of Orpington in violent storm CYCLONE

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