The Times – Specialist -September 9 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 126
Clues Answers
“I’m just a ____ prostitute, my dear” (Freddie Mercury) MUSICAL
“The ____ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen” (final verse of King James Bible) GRACE
“Vulgarity is the ____ in the salad of charm” (Cyril Connolly) GARLIC
1773 legislation helping the East India Company, but not our North American colonies tea act
1964 musical written by Jerry Herman Hello Dolly
1964 single which became Ken Dodd’s signature song HAPPINESS
A painter such as Thomas Cole or John Constable landscape artist
A proverbially calm body of water mill pond
A type of cactus or its intoxicant, mescal PEYOTE
Actor who played Max Zorin in the James Bond film A View to a Kill Christopher Walken
Allergic ____ is another name for hay fever RHINITIS
American footballer who typically receives the ball to instigate a rush play running back
Anaesthetic often administered during childbirth EPIDURAL
Analogue colour TV system developed in France, similar to PAL and NTSC secam
Artificial radioactive element, atomic number 99 EINSTEINIUM
Bundle of fibrous tissue joining bones or cartilages LIGAMENT
Capital of St James parish, served by Jamaica’s busiest airport Montego Bay
David Bowie single whose video was, at the time, the most expensive ever made Ashes To Ashes
Female tennis player, 2017 US Open champion Sloane Stephens
Fictional corporation frequently used in cartoons, notably those of Looney Tunes ACME
Former Benetton F1 director who recruited Michael Schumacher in 1991 Flavio Briatore
From the beginning (Latin) ab ovo
Fyodor Dostoevsky’s final novel The Brothers Karamazov
Goodbye to Berlin by ____ was adapted to make the play I Am a Camera Christopher Isherwood
In bridge, a ____ double invites partner to bid their best unbid suit TAKEOUT
Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of this Greek deity ZEUS
London’s ____ was originally the Royal Coburg Theatre Old Vic
Magical phrase associated with Ali Baba open sesame
Mahler symphony in all but name, presented as an orchestral song cycle for alto and tenor Das Lied von der Erde
Main antagonist of the Resident Evil video games and films Albert Wesker
Musician who sang the “I want my MTV” backing vocal on Money for Nothing by Dire Straits STING
Narrator of On The Road by Jack Kerouac Sal Paradise
Nickname of the Burt Reynolds character Bo Darville in a 1977 comedy film BANDIT
Of a friar or nun, barefoot or wearing only sandals discalceate
Of an antelope, to leap with an arched back PRONK
Of an instrument, played with a mute con sordino
Partner of Jimmy Edwards in the BBC Radio series Take It From Here Dick Bentley
Ridden by Bob Champion, winner of the 1981 Grand National aldaniti
River whose delta constitutes the Camargue region RHONE
Samuel Irving ____ founded Advance publications, whose subsidiaries include Condé Nast NEWHOUSE
Singer regarded as the Queen of Disco Donna Summer
State of bondage, finally ended by Elizabeth I in 1574 SERFDOM
Stock pantomime character abandoned by Columbine in favour of Harlequin PIERROT
The 4 x 400m relay, at many track and field meetings last event
The composer of Boléro and La Valse Maurice Ravel
The goatfish, a popular Mediterranean delicacy red mullet
The oat genus avena
The palpebra EYELID
The pouches of kangaroos, wombats etc MARSUPIA
The real middle name of 3 Down; first name of a fictional teen diarist ADRIAN
To be highly noticeable, or to stubbornly resist stand out
Traditional Scottish dish of swede and potato neeps and tatties
Tree of the laurel family, traditionally used to make root beer and tea SASSAFRAS
Where to find bees or their hives APIARY
____ of the Nine Hostages was a 5th-century Irish high king, who may possibly have millions of living descendants NIALL
____ played Bubble in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous Jane Horrocks

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