The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 100 March 11 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 100

Clues Answers
‘Burns’ and ‘Bonfire’ can both precede this word NIGHT
‘Cain […] dwelt in the land of Nod, on ____ of Eden’ (Bible) The East
‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be ____’ (The white rabbit, in the first words spoken in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) Too late
‘____ Superbrain’, Annie Jones’s character in Neighbours Plain Jane
A birthmark NAEVUS
A former lace-making town in the Erewash district of Derbyshire Long Eaton
A serf in ancient Sparta HELOT
Advertised aggressively or questionably huckstered
An instance of sternutation SNEEZE
Austrian social reformer Rudolf ____ founded an educational philosophy, still used in schools named after him STEINER
Author of the 1687 work The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy Isaac Newton
Ballerina ____ Sibley often danced with Anthony Dowell ANTOINETTE
Ben ____’s first TV success was as a co-writer of The Young Ones ELTON
Body of water such as Bass, Otranto or Torres STRAIT
Characteristic of old age SENESCENT
Chemical solution which softens colours in a photographic work TONER
Clay extracted near St Austell; its discovery crucially developed the manufacture of English porcelain China stone
Communist state founded in 1922 Soviet Union
Cumbrian village on the Kent estuary, in the northeast corner of Morecambe Bay arnside
Cut of lamb for the Sunday joint Leg of mutton
Dismiss a naughty pupil from class Send out
Dramatist Joe ____ wrote Loot and What the Butler Saw ORTON
Elgar’s Chanson de ___, was originally for violin and piano MATIN
Flaring skirts on suits of armour tonlets
Folk who lead a routine monotonous life AUTOMATONS
Founding member of the Football League which won the European Cup in 1982 Aston Villa
In 1841, John ____ became the first US vice president to succeed to the presidency without election TYLER
In county cricket, Warwickshire’s home ground EDGBASTON
Clues Answers
In pantomime, Baron Hardup’s servant, who is often dressed in a bellboy’s costume BUTTONS
Isabella, who wrote the Book of Household Management Mrs Beeton
Island group reigned over by Queen Salote from 1918 to 1965 TONGA
Ivan ____ won every tennis grand slam singles title except Wimbledon, and later coached Andy Murray LENDL
John ___, English logician, best known for diagrams used in set theory VENN
Limb of Dover in the Confederation of Cinque ports, and HQ of Saga FOLKESTONE
Liverpool comedian ____ Sayle was the Comic Strip’s first emcee in the 1980s ALEXEI
Magic, supposedly involving communication with the dead NECROMANCY
Monteverdi opera, the earliest still regularly performed ORFEO
One of 24 in an octave Quarter tone
Prospector in the Californian gold rush Forty-niner
Russian for ‘no’ NYET
Savings for a future rainy day Nest eggs
School founded by Henry VI in 1440 Eton College
Simultaneously or immediately at once
Something used to start an explosion DETONATOR
State capital of Louisiana Baton Rouge
Steve ____ was the 1980 Olympic 800m champion OVETT
Summer outfit for a baby or young child SUNSUIT
The only Celtic language spoken on mainland Europe BRETON
The Spanish provinces of Alava and Vizcaya are such BASQUE
The weight of a merchant ship’s cargo TONNAGE
This craftsman may use an agraffe to hold blocks together STONEMASON
Travelling at over 100 miles per hour Ton-up
Type of sculpture originated by Alexander Calder MOBILE
Type of vitreous pottery noted for its strength and durability IRONSTONE
Virginia county, part of the Washington metropolitan area, where the Pentagon and a national cemetery are located ARLINGTON
____ Hill, 152m above sea level, is the highest point in Greater London north of the Thames stanmore

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