The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 101 March 18 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 101

Clues Answers
‘Jumping bow’, as an instruction for string players arco saltando
1970s Austin car, noted for its ‘Quartic’ steering wheel ALLEGRO
1982 single by Arrow, used in the film Blame It On Rio Hot Hot Hot
A Buddhist shrine in Sri Lanka dagoba
A file used to speed up the production of digital documents with consistent formatting TEMPLATE
A fixed or unnatural grin or grimace RICTUS
A guitar body finish, an orange-yellow centre fading to a black edge SUNBURST
A name for the period approximately AD500-1000 Dark Ages
A religious or philosophical doctrine TENET
A substance producing colour, especially a powder mixed with liquid PIGMENT
African member of the mongoose family MEERKAT
American feminist author of Sexual Politics Kate Millett
Comedy drama series set on the Chatsworth council estate SHAMELESS
Comic actor whose roles included Lord Flashheart in Blackadder Rik Mayall
Decorative container for a flowerpot CACHEPOT
Deer ticks are the vector for ____ disease LYME
East London Thames crossing, opened in 1897 Blackwall Tunnel
Emma ____, anarchist deported by the USA to the Soviet Union in 1919 GOLDMAN
Flat round bread of Scottish origin BANNOCK
Fleshy envelope surrounding a seed ARIL
Former editor of The Times, 1967-81, later chairman of the Arts Council William Rees-Mogg
Founder of an American fashion house which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year Calvin Klein
Freundel Stuart is the prime minister of this island BARBADOS
German art historian (1866-1929), whose library became a research institute, now located in London Aby Warburg
German musical equivalent of lento langsam
Global sporting goods retailer founded in France in 1976 DECATHLON
Greek muse of dance, often portrayed with a lyre TERPSICHORE
Historical musical instrument, often played in an ensemble with cornetts SACKBUT
Host city of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games SOCHI
House to which Juliet belongs in Romeo and Juliet CAPULET
Clues Answers
Ibsen play, Et dukkehjem in (Bokmal) Norwegian A Doll’s House
In ballet, a bending of the knees while upright PLIE
Instrument used for examining the ear OTOSCOPE
Japanese port at the mouth of the Yodo River OSAKA
Jewish calendar month in which the shofar is blown every morning except on Shabbat ELUL
Latin for ‘tortoise’, also a formation of shields used as protection by Roman soldiers TESTUDO
Lead single from Pink’s 2017 album Beautiful Trauma What About Us
Lower part of a ridge, between two peaks SADDLE
Luigi was a character in this 1985 Nintendo video game (spoken form) Super Mario Brothers
Naval battle at which Nelson was mortally wounded TRAFALGAR
Ogden Nash completed this author’s unfinished work The Scroobious Pip Edward Lear
Popular Christmas plant named after a US diplomat and amateur botanist POINSETTIA
Region of France noted for crêpes and galettes BRITTANY
Rome’s ____ fountain is at the junction of three roads TREVI
Scottish equivalent of mayor PROVOST
Stages in the manufacture and distribution of a product supply chain
Stephen King novel which followed his debut Carrie ‘Salem’s Lot
Stretch of water in which the Exxon Valdez ran aground in 1989 Prince William Sound
Substances such as agar gel, as used in Petri dishes culture media
Substances which remove moisture desiccants
The lover of Acis, originally in Ovid’s Metamorphoses GALATEA
The maple and sycamore genus ACER
The original route of New York State’s ____ Canal was from Albany to Buffalo ERIE
The team defeated by 38A New England Patriots
The ____ du Midi is a mountain near Mont Blanc, with a cable car service to the summit AIGUILLE
To be of the same mind, or to happen simultaneously CONCUR
Walt Disney character who said ‘When the baby moves in, the dog moves out’ TRAMP
Washington’s state capital OLYMPIA
White-spotted fish similar to turbot BRILL
Winners of the 2018 Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagles

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