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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 102 March 25 2018

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Clues Answers
“Discord oft in music makes the sweeter ____” (Edmund Spenser, in The Faerie Queene) LAY
“Terms like grace, new birth, justification […] which with St Paul are ____ terms, theologians have employed as if they were scientific terms” (Matthew Arnold) LITERARY
A flower and a stringed instrument VIOLA
A long lock of hair TRESS
A Russian city with a Brandenburg Gate KALININGRAD
Abatements let-ups
After the four “great Latin Fathers”, the earliest Doctor of the Church Thomas Aquinas
Alcoholic drink named after the Tower of London’s Yeoman Warders Beefeater Gin
Alcoholic drinks given to departing horse riders stirrup cups
American business family with companies selling oil and stock photographs GETTY
An occasion when the sun is furthest from the equator SOLSTICE
Archduke ____’s assassination in 1914 prompted Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia Franz Ferdinand
Architect and minister for armaments and war production under Hitler Albert Speer
Bent brace, used to gain headroom in an attic knee rafter
Borneo and Sumatra are part of this geographical feature Malay Archipelago
Central American plant bearing small edible berries TOMATILLO
Cock-eyed ASKEW
Comic strip by Alex Graham, first published in 1963 Fred Basset
Doctrines listed in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer Thirty-nine Articles
Dravidian language of Sri Lanka and southern India TAMIL
EastEnders character, first married to Trevor Morgan Little Mo
English blues band who released their 22nd album, 13 Shades of Blue, in 2016 Nine Below Zero
Footballer with 52 caps for Wales, who played for Hull City and Bolton Wanders in the Premier League Sam Ricketts
Former cricketer appointed England batting coach in November 2014 Mark Ramprakash
Former eyot of the Thames on which Westminster Abbey was built Thorney Island
In a political context, to run in order to sit STAND
Investment instrument which moves risk away from a lender or debtholder Credit Derivative
John ____ rose to fame as a panellist on Whose Line Is It Anyway? SESSIONS
Clues Answers
Language used with HTML and CSS in webpage content JAVASCRIPT
Legislation imposing tax on the transfer of particular documents Stamp Act
Liverpool paid £35 million for striker Andy ____ in 2011 — more than £5 million for each goal he scored for them CARROLL
Maritime organisation whose work is currently shown on Tuesdays on BBC2 rnli
Measuring device attached to inverted bottles of spirits OPTIC
Mexican dish of fried food in soft tortillas FAJITAS
Musician and actor who won a Golden Globe for his role in A Star Is Born Kris Kristofferson
Name popularised by a Victorian novel subtitled Little by Little ERIC
Native people originally occupying what is now the southeastern United States CHOCTAW
Navigable lakes in East Anglia BROADS
Of music, using more than one apparent time signature simultaneously polyrhythmic
Peer who won eleven Paralympic Games gold medals Tanni Grey-Thompson
Pertaining to a second-year student (US) SOPHOMORIC
Play whose titular character journeys from Norway to North Africa Peer Gynt
Semi-aquatic mammal, hunted and later farmed for its fur MINK
Short-tailed African eagle BATELEUR
Song from Evita which uses the same tune as Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Oh What A Circus
Space to the left of a paragraph, or before its first word INDENT
Spanish city famed for its sword blades TOLEDO
Stage name of rapper and actor Lesane Crooks Tupac Shakur
Stuffy, both literally and metaphorically FUSTY
The fixed ridge at one end of a stringed instrument’s fingerboard NUT
The point directly over the origin of an earthquake EPICENTRE
The side of a cathedral choir which is not cantorial DECANAL
The third and only extant play of a trilogy by Aeschylus Seven Against Thebes
The UK’s largest clothing retailer NEXT
The ____ of Confucius were compiled by his followers ANALECTS
TV presenter whose most famous catchphrase was invented by impressionist Mike Yarwood Max Bygraves