The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 103 April 1 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 103

Clues Answers
‘I want to ____, and ____, and ____!’ (Vivian Nicholson, after her husband’s £152,000 pools win in 1961) SPEND
‘I ____ him, because he is upper class’ (Ronnie Barker, in a 1960s TV sketch) look up to
8 on the Beaufort scale gale-force
A checkup or viva voce oral exam
A haemorrhagic fever or the virus causing it EBOLA
A quatrain with rhyming scheme a b a b heroic stanza
A queen may live here HIVE
A sauce or pickle adding flavour to food RELISH
A small case for articles like needles or cosmetics ETUI
According to the English Heritage website, this cathedral city is the most frequently besieged place in the British Isles CARLISLE
Act as others think you should, eg by resigning do the decent thing
After a football goal kick, the ball is not in play until it leaves this area penalty box
American name for a spittoon CUSPIDOR
An old informal meaning of ‘corporation’ distended belly
An x, y or z is this kind of number in traditional algebra UNKNOWN
Armour protecting the face and eyes VISOR
Assiettes de charcuterie or informally, body parts plates of meat
Cause of midday merriness liquid lunch
Clyde ____ discovered Pluto in 1930 TOMBAUGH
Daniel Craig stars in this 2008 film about Second World War partisans in German-occupied Poland DEFIANCE
Dark Sky Island (2015) is this Irish singer’s most recent album ENYA
Execution by drowning, especially at Nantes during the Reign of Terror NOYADE
Feature of a normal heart beat, controlled by the sino-atrial node sinus rhythm
French composer, conductor of the BBCSO, 1971-75 Pierre Boulez
Frivolous unexpected functionality in computer applications, such as the result of a Google search for ‘Bletchley Park’ easter egg
Georgia ____’s best-known paintings were of flowers, skyscrapers, and the New Mexico landscape O’Keeffe
In 1960, Herb ___ of Australia was the last man to set a world record in an Olympic 1500m final ELLIOTT
In 41A, this is ‘Domingo de Páscoa’ Easter Sunday
In a state of confusion, supposedly named after an old dispute between City of London livery companies at sixes and sevens
In geometry, part of a shape cut off by a line or plane intersecting it SEGMENT
Clues Answers
Informally, a plant of the genus Tropaeolum NASTURTIUM
Island featured in a Guardian supplement on April 1, 1977 san Serriffe
Julie T Wallace starred in the BBC dramatisation of Fay Weldon’s The Life and Loves of a ____ she-devil
Lacking imagination or originality PROSAIC
Large variety of prawn or penguin KING
Leonard Bernstein operetta, based on a novella by Voltaire CANDIDE
Liz ____ finished fourth in Labour’s 2015 leadership election? KENDALL
Lullaby sung in the first scene of Porgy and Bess SUMMERTIME
Mexican folk song, adapted by Ritchie Valens in a 1958 hit La Bamba
Mix socially, possibly with those of other classes rub shoulders
Mrs ____ is the housekeeper at Manderley DANVERS
One Iberian city after which a dessert wine is named OPORTO
One who classifies or defines DESIGNATOR
Plants featured in a BBC Panorama report on April 1, 1957 spaghetti trees
Platinum metal element, discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1804 RHODIUM
Secondary schools in both Kennington and Croydon were founded by Thomas ____, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1694-1715 TENISON
Short sleep during a working day power nap
Standard Chinese, or the language group including it MANDARIN
Stanley Holloway played Alfred ____ in the film version of My Fair Lady DOOLITTLE
Steak ____, popular in the mid-20th century, is similar to steak au poivre, but with a flambéed sauce DIANE
The final outcome of an endeavour end product
The great ____ is an amphibian, protected in the UK crested newt
The ideas and attitudes associated with a group of people ETHOS
The language from which English borrowed the words 31A and 43D PORTUGUESE
Thomas ____ married Catherine Parr after Henry VIII died SEYMOUR
To intimidate DAUNT
To make a humiliating retraction eat one’s words
Trafalgar, Lepanto or Salamis sea battle
Valuable timber from some trees in the genus Dalbergia ROSEWOOD
____ Scream is a rock group founded in Glasgow in 1982 PRIMAL

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