The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 106 April 22 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 106

Clues Answers
… or this crested European bird with pink plumage HOOPOE
‘Everything a Motorhome Should Be’ is the slogan of this US brand WINNEBAGO
‘Not a wery nice neighbourhood’ according to Sam Weller WHITECHAPEL
& 38 Savoy duo whose first collaboration was Thespis [three-word answer] GILBERT
A chain for a fob watch ALBERT
A fine strong silky fabric NINON
A German count with jurisdiction over a territory LANDGRAVE
A judge’s comments made in passing, but of persuasive authority Obiter dicta
A person’s particular fears and dislikes Betes noires
A plastic explosive, originally made in Czechoslovakia SEMTEX
A program replacing the usual monitor image when a computer is not in use Screen saver
A severe reprimand Talking-to
A slender hardwood spear from southern Africa ASSEGAI
A space-walking astronaut’s essential connection to the spacecraft Umbilical cord
A state in western Brazil, and a high plateau which extends further Mato Grosso
A volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea ISCHIA
Alfred ____, English poet, best known for his ballad The Highwayman NOYES
American cats which resemble leopards OCELOTS
An early type of oboe HAUTBOY
Ancient British tribe which rebelled against the Romans in AD61 ICENI
Australian cricket captain banned after the ball-tampering episode during the Cape Town Test in March Steve Smith
Bexhill, Hastings and Uckfield are in this county East Sussex
Burghley House is near to this Lincolnshire market town STAMFORD
Cartoonist and illustrator Gerald ____ has worked for The Sunday Times and Pink Floyd SCARFE
Citizens of Entebbe UGANDANS
Custard dessert covered in caramelised sugar Creme brulee
Danish city where Hans Christian Andersen was born ODENSE
Diluted perfume Eau de toilette
Ductless gland in the neck producing white blood cells in one’s early years THYMUS
Either of the two cavities of the heart into which blood passes from the veins ATRIUM
Florentine painter of The Birth of Venus BOTTICELLI
Clues Answers
French author of the novel series La Comedie Humaine BALZAC
Friar’s lantern or ignis fatuus Will-o’-the-wisp
Historically, this industry was located in stannaries Tin mining
Ibsen drama about gender roles in marriage A Doll’s House
In March, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was controversially re-elected as the president of this country EGYPT
Japan’s largest island where Mount Fuji is located HONSHU
Jean-Honoré ____ painted The Stolen Kiss which hangs in the Hermitage Museum FRAGONARD
Judith ____, lead singer of the Seekers DURHAM
London area where Bartholomew Fair was held, 1133-1855 smithfield
Mike ____, the boxer who bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a 1997 fight TYSON
Name linking Fittipaldi, Ralph Waldo and Roy EMERSON
Namely To wit
One exploring Gaping Ghyll or Rhino Rift POTHOLER
One observing a mavis, merle or goatsucker … ORNITHOLOGIST
Related on the father’s side AGNATE
Relating to dreams ONEIRIC
Scottish dance for four couples Eightsome reel
See 48 and sullivan
Swiss city which is the seat of the International Olympic Committee LAUSANNE
Thane of Lochaber whose ghost appears in Macbeth BANQUO
The 19th century’s supreme piano virtuoso, and composer of the Faust Symphony LISZT
The cashew tree; a kind of mahogany ACAJOU
The Centre of Alternative Technology is near this town in Powys MACHYNLLETH
The ____ Sea is the place where eels breed SARGASSO
Title borne by certain Muslim princes AMEER
Town in southern Herefordshire which promotes itself as ‘the birthplace of tourism’ Ross-on-Wye
Toxic element formerly used in rat poison THALLIUM
TV comedian who did things ‘in the best possible taste’ Kenny Everett
US jazz pianist whose big band played Li’l Darlin’ Count Basie
Violent action leading to a change in government coup d’etat
Waters separating Korea from the east coast of China Yellow Sea

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