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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 107 April 29 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 107

Clues Answers
‘Be not ____ overmuch’ (Ecclesiastes) RIGHTEOUS
‘While all artists are not ____ players, all ____ players are artists’ (Marcel Duchamp) CHESS
1949 film noir crime drama starring Nina Foch and Glenn Ford The Undercover Man
1970 debut novel by James Dickey DELIVERANCE
A Chinese secret society, especially a criminal one TONG
A loosely worn scarf or shawl STOLE
Actress and comedian with two Celebrity Mastermind wins Andi Osho
American actress who won four Academy Awards for Best Actress Katharine Hepburn
An alternative to yew for making longbows ELM
An inflorescence of short flower stalks UMBEL
Another name for chancellorship cancellariate
Archipelago shared by Chile and Argentina Tierra del Fuego
Arthur ____ wrote Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung SCHOPENHAUER
Based on the number 20 VIGESIMAL
Bordeaux appellation on the left bank of the Gironde MEDOC
Branch in the head of eg broccoli FLORET
British band for whom Jools Holland played keyboards SQUEEZE
Comedy duo who created the ‘Who’s On First?’ routine Abbott and Costello
Comedy sporting panel game originally hosted by Des Lynam on BBC Radio 5 They Think It’s All Over
Commentator who coined the phrase at 4 Down Kenneth Wolstenholme
Common name for killer whale GRAMPUS
Compound with three isomeric forms, derived from coal tar CRESOL
Don Quixote’s horse ROSINANTE
Dr Strabismus (Whom God ____) of Utrecht was a character in the Daily Express Beachcomber column PRESERVE
Finnish driver who won his first Formula One race at the 2017 Russian Grand Prix Valtteri Bottas
Former car producer based in Tamworth, Staffordshire RELIANT
Former name of the Brazilian motor racing circuit now named after Carlos Pace interlagos
Genus of (especially) brown bears URSUS
In dentistry, the side of a tooth opposite to lingual or palatal BUCCAL
In electronics, to oscillate irregularly squeg
Clues Answers
Irish author whose final novel, A Week in Winter, was published in 2012 Maeve Binchy
Italian for ‘more’, often seen in musical instructions PIU
Item carried in a newly crowned monarch’s left hand when leaving Westminster Abbey ORB
James Macpherson claimed to have translated the work of this Gaelic poet OSSIAN
London’s ____ card was introduced in 2003 OYSTER
Lottery whose prize is the money staked by participants SWEEPSTAKE
Marine fish or prickly pear TUNA
Measure of data transmission speed BAUD
Metal plate set in the sole of a shoe to protect from wear SEG
Musician such as Lionel Hampton VIBIST
North African paste made from chilli peppers, spices, and olive oil HARISSA
Of an argument, convincing COGENT
Of large volume CAPACIOUS
Opera is described as ‘an absurd thing’ in this final Richard Strauss one CAPRICCIO
Pertaining to Greek language and culture HELLENISTIC
Relating to a flat surface PLANAR
Rugby player who made 93 appearances for France, most as fullback Serge Blanco
Salvador ____ was Chile’s president 1970-1973 ALLENDE
Series of BBC radio talks first given by Bertrand Russell reith lectures
Spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft EXCEL
Stand-up comedian and host, since 2015, of The News Quiz on Radio 4 Miles Jupp
The capital of Romania BUCHAREST
The largest city of Wisconsin MILWAUKEE
The only female British athlete to win Olympic, World, European, and Commonwealth titles Sally Gunnell
The parliament of Israel KNESSET
TV naturalist, and former controller of BBC Two David Attenborough
Typeface commissioned by IBM in the mid-1950s COURIER
Vast region of Russia, sometimes referred to as North Asia SIBERIA
Verdi opera which, contrary to popular belief, was not written to mark the opening of the Suez Canal AIDA
____ billiards is played on a table with no pockets CAROM