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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 113 June 10 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 113

Clues Answers
‘… in Idleness alone is there perpetual ____’ (Thomas Carlyle) DESPAIR
‘Nouns of number, or multitude, such as ____, Parliament, Rabble, House of Commons […] and the like’ (William Cobbett) MOB
1973 Eagles album DESPERADO
1973 film whose tagline is ‘Where were you in ’62?’ American Graffiti
1998 solo album by Level 42’s Mark King One Man
2012 disaster/thriller film about an earthquake in Chile AFTERSHOCK
A censorious critic, named after a Greek grammarian zoilist
A horseman or mounted knight CHEVALIER
A vessel, a gun, or a substance used by builders MORTAR
An easting or northing on an Ordnance Survey map COORDINATE
Annual award administered by New York’s Columbia University Pulitzer Prize
Another name for a choker NECKLET
Author of Whisky Galore and co-founder of the Scottish National Party Compton Mackenzie
Baseball fielding position between second and third base SHORTSTOP
Blood poisoning SEPTICAEMIA
Bonnie Tyler’s No 1 single of 1983 Total Eclipse of the Heart
Character played by Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough Elektra King
City founded as Eboracum YORK
Comedian who scored +28 on her QI debut in 2013 Sara Pascoe
Common introduction to toast here’s to
Device which regulates a machine’s supply of fuel or water GOVERNOR
East Midlands county which contains only two towns RUTLAND
Editor of the patriotic magazine John Bull Horatio Bottomley
Egyptian goddess of fertility ISIS
Elaborate 18th-century decorative style ROCOCO
European colour matching system RAL
Film whose villain is Francisco Scaramanga The Man With The Golden Gun
Follower of the doctrine that the state is supreme in ecclesiastical matters ERASTIAN
Former chemical company acquired by AkzoNobel ICI
Clues Answers
From the ancient Greek for ‘earth’, related to the underworld CHTHONIC
George W Bush’s vice president Dick Cheney
Henry VIII’s younger sister, who was briefly queen of France Mary Tudor
Horse which won the 1981 Epsom Derby by a still unbeaten ten lengths SHERGAR
Hymn commemorating the sorrow of the Virgin Mary Stabat Mater
Imprisonment, or in relation to a hernia, inability to be massaged back into place INCARCERATION
Large constricting snake BOA
Laurel wreath, of the kind put on the bust of Henry Wood at the Last Night of the Proms CHAPLET
Lead single from the Mary J Blige album My Life Be Happy
Legendary island, to which King Arthur was taken after his final battle AVALON
Light exercises intended to improve overall fitness and health CALLISTHENICS
Macbeth was first Thane of ____, later Thane of Cawdor GLAMIS
Mexico’s largest ‘balneario’ resort city ACAPULCO
Muscular dog associated with Staffordshire pit bull
Nadia Comaneci ____ to the USA in 1989 DEFECTED
Nickname of the South Park character Leopold Stotch BUTTERS
North American herb with hairy foliage, resembling an Old World plant false gromwell
Office equipment whose contents are typically 26/6 STAPLER
Old name for the treatment of bone disorders and deformities orthopedia
On account or in part payment (French) a compte
One of two patron saints of Italy, along with Francis of Assisi Catherine of Siena
Order of four-winged insects HYMENOPTERA
Platform for the driver and stoker of a steam engine FOOTPLATE
Possible cause of hearing loss OTITIS
Sitcom whose central character, Dave Lister, is the last known human alive Red Dwarf
To extract tracks from a CD RIP
Type of jacket worn by 1950s teddy boys Drape coat
Type of overlapping embroidery technique stem stitch
Word which can precede ‘kiss’ and ‘guitar’ AIR