The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 114 June 17 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 114

Clues Answers
‘Oh may I join the choir ____’ (George Eliot, later borrowed by Monty Python) INVISIBLE
1964 epic western starring Richard Widmark and Carroll Baker Cheyenne Autumn
1972 song by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, a hit for The Hollies two years later The Air That I Breathe
1994 movie in which Jodie Foster was the star and a producer NELL
A ‘picture letter’ used in electronic communication EMOJI
A fish basket CREEL
A regular dodecahedron and icosahedron both have ____ edges THIRTY
After Apollo 11 landed on the Sea of Tranquility, Apollo 12 touched down in the Ocean of ____ STORMS
An object filled with air before use INFLATABLE
Another name for the zinfandel grape variety primitivo
Arrival, especially of a large number of people INFLUX
Available for use by those of either gender UNISEX
Cardiff’s ‘city within a city’ Llandaff
Christ’s Hospital is the ‘____ School’ BLUECOAT
Cinematographer who succeeded Jack Asher to work on several Hammer House of Horror films Arthur Grant
Colloquially, to not have a ____ is to be clueless or uninformed SCOOBY
Comedian whose response to ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ was ‘Yes, and considerably easier to write with’ Marty Feldman
Comedy actress who described her waist as ‘a bit like an unmarked level crossing’ Victoria Wood
Courtesan who married politician Charles Fox Elizabeth Armistead
Current teammate of Lewis Hamilton Valtteri Bottas
Cyclist who won four Olympic gold medals in 2012 and 2016 Laura Trott
Despite its name, this is the middle section of a vertical spar TOPMAST
Director of Last Tango in Paris Bernardo Bertolucci
Folklore enemy of the wolf Isengrim REYNARD
Frank ____ was the first black captain of the West Indies cricket team WORRELL
Game show with the catchphrase ‘You get nothing for a pair — not in this game’ Play Your Cards Right
Hebridean island where George Orwell lived intermittently at the end of his life JURA
Home of the Super League’s Vikings WIDNES
Clues Answers
In Ethiopia, 100 cents make one ____ BIRR
Irish poet who described himself as a ‘daylight atheist’ Brendan Behan
Mexican salamander, its name meaning ‘water servant’ AXOLOTL
Michigan city where Jesse Owens broke three world records and equalled a fourth in a 45-minute spell, at the 1935 Big Ten championship Ann Arbor
Mountain whose Welsh name is Yr Wyddfa SNOWDON
Name used by a number of anti-Gaddafi radio stations from February 2011 Voice of Free Libya
Once every ____ means very rarely, after an event held every 20 years in Lancashire Preston Guild
Organisation whose main opponent was THRUSH UNCLE
Part of the Eucharist in which bread and wine are placed on the altar OFFERTORY
Popular billing for circuses, thought to have first described that of Dan Rice The Greatest Show On Earth
Promotional material across the top of a webpage banner ad
Quantities of albumen egg whites
Sacrosanct, not subject to forfeiture INALIENABLE
Scotland’s manager for the 1998 World Cup in France Craig Brown
Second of the books featuring Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy Five Go Adventuring Again
Spice derived from nutmeg MACE
Stage name of Trinidadian-born singer Leslie Charles Billy Ocean
The base eight number system OCTAL
The best-known humanoid in cryptozoology YETI
The characteristic sound of a pig OINK
The first part of Dante’’s Divine Comedy INFERNO
The principal opponents of Athens in the Peloponnesian war SPARTANS
The Second World War’s ‘Operation Neptune’ Normandy Landings
The shinbone TIBIA
Tongue, liver, or kidney for example OFFAL
Type of banana eaten after cooking PLANTAIN
US slang for a drug enforcement officer NARCO
Yoga position also called padmasana LOTUS

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