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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 118 July 15 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 118

Clues Answers
& 43D. Language of works by Gottfried von Strassburg and Walther von der Vogelweide middle high
‘Wimbledon’ is the All England Lawn Tennis and ____ Club CROQUET
1952 musical rom-com depicting 1920s Hollywood, choreographed by and starring Gene Kelly Singin’ in the Rain
1963 Bill Naughton play, also a film starring Michael Caine ALFIE
A legal or parliamentary holiday RECESS
A symptom of rabies HYDROPHOBIA
Alaskan city which gives its name to a variety of spruce SITKA
At various times, a duchy, kingdom and province in what is now northwestern Germany WESTPHALIA
Bearable, in old slang tol-lol
Big top Circus tent
Designer of the Willow Tearooms in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Dick ____, able seaman in HMS Pinafore DEADEYE
Dungeons or cells with access only via the ceiling oubliettes
Essex town where Courtaulds opened a silk mill BRAINTREE
Eunice Kathleen Waymon, singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone
Exercises designed to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement CALLISTHENICS
Extra turns for weaker players in 49 BISQUES
Fog coming inland from the coast Sea fret
Future seasonal weather — according to Keats, maybe Autumn mists
German-born political theorist Hannah ____ wrote The Origins of Totalitarianism ARENDT
Glamorous star of 1930s films who retired in 1941 and became a recluse Greta Garbo
Greek goddess of peace IRENE
Hampshire location of the former RAF Coastal Command HQ, and the Hovercraft Museum Lee-on-the-Solent
Historic alternative name for Shropshire SALOP
Holst’s tone poem ____ Heath is subtitled ‘A Homage to Thomas Hardy’ EGDON
Imprisonment for political or military reasons INTERNMENT
In English common law, the parts of a judgement which are not ratio decidendi Obiter dicta
In Zambia, 100 ngwees KWACHA
Insect genus including many agricultural pests APHIS
Clues Answers
Italian tenor who recorded Perfect Symphony with Ed Sheeran last year Andrea Bocelli
Lord ____, a caricature of an English nobleman in the play Our American Cousin, gave his name to long sideburns DUNDREARY
Medieval musical instrument, usually with three strings REBEC
Mike ____ is the US vice-president and a former governor of Indiana PENCE
Morarji ___ was prime minister of India, 1977-9 DESAI
Musical term for ‘very’ or ‘much’ MOLTO
Novel narrated by Gilbert Markham about his quest for Helen Graham’s hand in marriage The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Palladian-style house in Wiltshire, famed for its gardens STOURHEAD
Part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument since 1965 Ellis Island
Pasta ‘quills’ PENNE
Record producer Phil ____ developed the ‘Wall of Sound’ style of music production SPECTOR
The beginning of George Washington’s apocryphal admission about a cherry tree I cannot tell a lie
The biological family of ‘true frogs’ RANIDAE
The Japanese decorative art of flower arrangement IKEBANA
The Jungle Book’s ‘Lone Wolf’ AKELA
The makers of 007’s DB5 Aston Martin
The Siegfried ____ was Wagner’s gift to his wife, Cosima, on her 33rd birthday in 1870 IDYLL
The USA’s ‘Pine Tree State’ MAINE
The ____ is a US newspaper or a John Philip Sousa march Washington Post
The ____ piles were nuclear reactors built as part of the UK’s atomic bomb project after the Second World War WINDSCALE
Thousandth anniversaries millenaries
Town centre musicians Street band
Treacherous king, bound by Hermes to a wheel of fire IXION
Upper part of a pillar, supporting an arch IMPOST
Volume two of JS Bach’s Clavier-Übung contained the ____ and the Overture in the French Style Italian Concerto
Walt ____ wrote the poetry collection Leaves of Grass WHITMAN
____ ticket, two ideal candidates at an election DREAM
____’s Noyes Fludde is based on a Chester mystery play Benjamin Britten