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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 119 July 22 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 119

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Clues Answers
“Human progress never ____ on wheels of inevitability” (Martin Luther King) rolls in
“Isle” of the Outer Hebrides HARRIS
“Now a soft kiss — / Aye, by that kiss, I ____ an endless bliss” (Keats) VOW
“____ children are virtuosos of imagination” (Benjamin Spock) PRESCHOOL
1965 Petula Clark album, named after her hit single of the previous year DOWNTOWN
1967 single by the Temptations All I Need
1976 Tom Robbins novel about Sissy Hankshaw, a girl with enormous thumbs Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
1985 single by Kool and the Gang FRESH
28th studio album by the Isley Brothers, released in 2001 ETERNAL
A change to eg a parliamentary bill or motion AMENDMENT
A cylindrical building, usually domed ROTUNDA
A ____ was Jonathan Swift’s first major work Tale of a Tub
Actress who played Gran in the children’s TV series Metal Mickey Irene Handl
Author of A Passage to India E M Forster
Books of synonyms, and sometimes antonyms THESAURI
Buddhist who has reached nirvana, roughly equivalent to a Christian saint ARHAT
Capital of France’s Aube department and home to the Lacoste clothing factory TROYES
Cartoonist whose If… strip has appeared in The Guardian since 1981 Steve Bell
Chicken-based soup of Scottish origin cock-a-leekie
Citizen of the Arabian peninsula’s second largest country YEMENI
Company which provides access to the internet ISP
Designer of the first viable helicopter Igor Sikorsky
Disco group founded in 1977 by Victor Willis Village People
Drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease L-dopa
Element whose name comes from a Spanish diminutive for “silver” PLATINUM
English actor born Krishna Pandit Bhanji Ben Kingsley
European country which gained full independence in 1830 GREECE
Flowering plant with varieties including Indian pink and bladderpod LOBELIA
French philosopher whose observations on the power of love were quoted during the royal wedding of May 2018 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
German term for sparkling wine sekt
Clues Answers
Her 2000 debut novel White Teeth became a bestseller Zadie Smith
In mathematics, another name for a factor DIVISOR
Informally, an upper class person posho
Institution whose first director was Sir Henry Cole Victoria and Albert Museum
Island whose two parts are linked by La Coupée SARK
Knot used for joining ropes together sheet bend
Max ____ helped to formulate quantum theory PLANCK
Nautical instruction to stop AVAST
News reporter whose coverage of Ethiopian famine inspired the Band Aid charity Michael Buerk
Old Testament prophet who God knowingly instructs to marry a woman who will be unfaithful HOSEA
Police who may use shields and water cannons riot squad
Ridden by Olivier Peslier, winner of the 2010 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot HARBINGER
Rugby union player who captained Scotland 20 times Gavin Hastings
Second of the Jack Reacher novels written by Lee Child Die Trying
Shakespeare’s (rightful) Duke of Milan PROSPERO
Shallow pit of the retina, with high visual acuity FOVEA
Social networking site founded in 2007 by David Karp TUMBLR
Spanish city founded in 221BC, a naval station in Murcia CARTAGENA
State of Malaysia, in northern Borneo SARAWAK
Supernatural novel by James Herbert set in 2006 and 1943 The Secret of Crickley Hall
The central point of an infection, from Latin for “nest” NIDUS
The collective noun for larks EXALTATION
The Old Man of ____ is on Skye’s Trotternish peninsula STORR
The shortest book of the Old Testament OBADIAH
The water opossum of south and central America Yapok
This kind of lens or adapter may produce a circular image FISHEYE
Town whose football fans are jokingly called codheads GRIMSBY
Ulrich ____ gave his name to a figure skating jump SALCHOW
Welsh footballer who spent all of his professional playing career at Manchester United Ryan Giggs
____ juice is often used in cosmetics and shampoo aloe vera