The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 120 July 29 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 120

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Clues Answers
“Her chariot is an empty hazelnut / Made by the joiner ____” (Mercutio, in Romeo and Juliet) SQUIRREL
“Let’s ____” sang Olivia Newton-John in a 1981 song censored or banned by some radio stations get physical
1993 film in which Rita Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks, played his sister Suzy Sleepless In Seattle
2001 single by Linkin Park, their most frequently played live song in the end
A code of 15 Across in southern Italy OMERTA
A form of clay pigeon shooting SKEET
Animal which, theoretically, may be both alive and dead Schrodinger’s cat
Author who wrote “In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded” Terry Pratchett
Author whose 1963 debut novel was A Summer Bird-Cage Margaret Drabble
Balding thin on top
Benign tumour, typically at the end of a severed nerve neuromata
Capital of Saudi Arabia RIYADH
Caribbean island whose capital is Oranjestad ARUBA
Charles ____, author of The Cloister and the Hearth READE
Charms or amulets TALISMANS
City in which one may walk along the Promenade de la Croisette CANNES
Control of a situation whip hand
County Durham town where John Walker invented the friction match in 1827 Stockton-on-Tees
D:Ream single used by the Labour Party in their 1997 General Election campaign Things Can Only Get Better
During the Cold War, we spoke of an eastern on but not a western one BLOC
Endowed with initiative and resourcefulness gumptious
Enjoyment derived from inflicting pain on others SADISM
Extending platform of a warship on which a cannon is mounted sponson
Form of torture in which the victim is dropped from a height with hands bound behind the back STRAPPADO
Headgear symbolising manumission, also a small “magic” mushroom liberty cap
In bridge this is worth at least 500 points above the line SLAM
In Greek myth, the primordial deity followed by Gaia CHAOS
In various sports, a pass allowing a teammate to score a goal ASSIST
Informally, blunt language, often using taboo words Anglo-Saxon
Clues Answers
Island whose capital is Basseterre St Kitts
Large relative of the weasel, noted for its pungent scent POLECAT
Low altitude missile, its name derived from the French for “flying fish” EXOCET
MP who made the controversial “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968 Enoch Powell
Musician and comedian who starred as Luther Hobdyke in later series of Last of the Summer Wine Russ Abbot
Name for the British Isles in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four Airstrip One
National personification usually depicted with top hat and goatee beard Uncle Sam
Nephrite is one of the two minerals with this name, used in jewellery and ornaments JADE
Of different organisms, living together for mutual benefit SYMBIOTIC
One twentieth of a US dollar NICKEL
Part of the University of Cambridge, with two areas connected by the Mathematical Bridge Queen’s College
Resonant transformer producing alternating current with high voltage and frequency Tesla coil
Scottish council area containing Forfar and Carnoustie ANGUS
Scottish singer whose debut solo album was Diva, released in 1992 Annie Lennox
Short nickname of the fictitious adventurer Henry Walton Jones Jr INDY
Sitcom whose central characters live in Nelson Mandela House, Peckham Only Fools and Horses
Tendency of a body to remain still or maintain motion without external force INERTIA
The “King of Skiffle” of the 1960s Lonnie Donegan
The actor who played Li Mu Bai in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Yun-Fat Chow
The fourth movement of Schubert’s best-known piano quintet is a set of variations on this lied Die Forelle
The largest moon of Uranus TITANIA
The main antagonist group in the Star Wars franchise SITH
The musical content of John Cage’s composition 4’33” SILENCE
The only standard constellation named after a musical instrument LYRA
The Parliamentarian Sir Hugh ____ later became a Royalist leader during the English Civil War cholmeley
The pitcher and torch logo on a ____ bible symbolises implements used by the biblical judge of the same name to scare the Midianite army GIDEON
Thin white edible mushroom native to Japan ENOKI
Using an approach based on results rather than theory PRAGMATIC
Usually abbreviated, a 1974 single by Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, with vocals by The Three Degrees The Sound of Philadelphia

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