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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 124 August 26 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 124
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“A play for voices” set in Llareggub under milk wood
“Crazy” was one of US country music singer Patsy ____’s greatest hits, in 1961 CLINE
“The greatest batsman of all time”, whose Test batting average was 99.94 Sir Don Bradman
A cricketer’s garb, colloquially WHITES
A male ____ has a reddish body, blue-grey head and black and white wings CHAFFINCH
A possible birthplace for trout or turkeys HATCHERY
A real mess or muddle Dog’s breakfast
A white Rhine wine RUDESHEIMER
Athenian tragedian who wrote Antigone and Electra SOPHOCLES
Australian Betty ____ is the only runner to have won Olympic gold in the 100m, 200m and 400m CUTHBERT
Baronetcy assumed by John Buchan when he was ennobled in 1935 TWEEDSMUIR
Ben Kingsley, Whoopi Goldberg and Bono, eg Stage names
Caesar’s comment about his victory at Zela in 47BC veni vidi vici
Captain of England in 2009 when they won their first Ashes Test at Lords since 1934 Andrew Strauss
Charitable organisation whose logo includes a gearwheel ROTARY
Comedian who played Inspector Raymond Fowler in the BBC series The Thin Blue Line Rowan Atkinson
Concrete causeways, built in the Second World War, linking mainland Orkney with Burray and South Ronaldsay Churchill Barriers
Dealer in textiles and apparel CLOTHIER
Easter ____, 1916 rebellion in Dublin which included the proclamation of an Irish Republic RISING
Forename created for the heroine of an Exmoor novel LORNA
Former Pakistan cricket captain, elected as the country’s president in July Imran Khan
Geoff Boycott’s signature headgear Panama hat
Headland of northwest Scotland, ten miles from Durness Cape Wrath
Ian Rankin’s Edinburgh-based inspector REBUS
Ill-suited as partners MISMATCHED
In ancient Greece, six ____ made a drachma OBOLS
In sporting cliché, form is temporary but ____ is permanent CLASS
In which we are all down for the count every ten years CENSUSES
Infection transmitted by ticks which may affect joints, heart or brain Lyme disease
Joined other passengers on the Flying Scotsman or Eurostar ENTRAINED
Lord Mountbatten’s home in Hampshire where Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh honeymooned BROADLANDS
Master of the ____, the head of the civil division of the Court of Appeal ROLLS
Memorial to Queen Victoria at one end of The Mall Admiralty Arch
Nationality of Maria Bueno and Emerson Fittipaldi BRAZILIAN
Native Americans who once lived in and around the southern Appalachians CHEROKEES
Northern arm of the Pacific Ocean, renowned for its king crab fisheries bering sea
Pass in a mountain range COL
Refusing to yield to authority, rebellious INSUBORDINATE
Royal dynasty which reached its zenith in the reign of Emperor Charles V habsburgs
Small shrimp-like crustaceans, main food of baleen whales KRILL
Southernmost point of Campbeltown’s peninsula, and the 1977 Christmas No 1 for Wings Mull of Kintyre
Sticky, heavy and unhealthy food STODGE
Stops briefly — as Dave Brubeck might? Takes five
Tallis ____, ensemble specialising in early choral music SCHOLARS
Tax on goods produced for the home market EXCISE
The common ____ is the largest antelope of southern and eastern Africa ELAND
The family skeleton which should not be exposed to public gaze Dirty linen
The Irish monk who founded Lindisfarne Priory AIDAN
This gemstone is a greenish-blue form of beryl AQUAMARINE
US actor, the star of Midnight Cowboy and Rain Man Dustin Hoffman
Vegetable used in hummus and falafels CHICKPEA
Wading bird with a long horizontally flattened beak SPOONBILL
Weaken in quality IMPAIR
Wendy ____’s first sitcom role as a middle-class housewife was in Not in Front of the Children CRAIG
Wife of Louis XIII of France and daughter of Philip III of Spain Anne of Austria
Winter sport with cross-country and jumping events Nordic skiing
Without complications or conditions No strings attached