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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 125 September 2 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 125
Clues Answers
“I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ____” (James Broughton) AGELESS
“I’m nothing special, in fact I’m a bit of a bore” is the first line of this Abba song Thank You for the Music
“If you think that the ____ is not blowing hard enough, tone it down another shade or two” (Richard Strauss) BRASS
“My wife is ____, but by whom?” (Sam Levenson) OUTSPOKEN
1 ____-hour = 3600 coulombs AMPERE
1984 romantic comedy starring JoBeth Williams and Tom Conti American Dreamer
A member of the genus Rhinolophus horseshoe bat
A motorcyclist might buy this from Watsonian Squire SIDECAR
A pinch of snuff, to a Scot sneesh
Alphabetically, the fifth of Santa’s reindeer DASHER
An alternative to “avifauna” as a term for an area’s birds ORNIS
Author whose final novel, Silent Lady, was published four years after her death Catherine Cookson
Bring something into position for (usually military) action DEPLOY
Cain was exiled to the Land of ____ NOD
Cleon’s wife, who plots to kill Marina, in Pericles, Prince of Tyre dionyza
Cobbled street which is one of Norwich’s most famous landmarks Elm Hill
Dialect originating in southeastern China hokkien
Electrical property represented by the Greek letter omega RESISTANCE
Exhibition showing the development of an artist’s work RETROSPECTIVE
Former Birmingham City and Portsmouth footballer, currently head coach of the Senegal national team Aliou Cisse
Former boxer, Celebrity Big Brother’s first ever evictee Chris Eubank
I think, therefore I am cogito ergo sum
In Bizet’s opera, Carmen is normally sung by a ____ mezzo-soprano
In photographic jargon, a lens OPTIC
Jos Buttler’s role in the current England test cricket team WICKETKEEPER
Julie ____ played Bet Lynch in Coronation Street GOODYEAR
Loose, sleeveless outer garment of the Middle East ABA
Lower part of the alimentary canal GUT
Main ingredient of the Mediterranean delicacies bottarga and taramasalata ROE
Member of the goosefoot family, often used in the same way as spinach ORACHE
Message of respectful goodwill at the end of a letter REGARDS
Mineral sometimes called ruby of arsenic REALGAR
Muhammad’s rightful successor, according to Shia Muslims ALI
Name given to Thomas Anderson in The Matrix NEO
New Romantic band which released the 1982 album The Lexicon of Love ABC
One chosen to settle disputes ARBITRATOR
Playwright who one might think was afraid of Christmas Noel Coward
Poet whose most famous work was The Windhover Gerard Manley Hopkins
Polaris is the brightest star in ____ Minor URSA
Responsibility, according to Winston Churchill The price of greatness
Rock group fronted by Captain Beefheart The Magic Band
Rooster featured in the tales of Reynard the Fox CHANTICLEER
Sheep breed, originally from Spain, producing fine wool MERINO
South Africa’s 55-mile Comrades marathon is run between the cities of ____ and Durban pietermaritzburg
Spanish peninsula, its name reflecting the ancient Roman belief that it marked the end of the known world Cape Finisterre
Strasbourg-born Jean (or Hans) ____ was a 20th-century poet, sculptor and abstract artist ARP
Take out again (as a subscription) RENEW
Team GB’s flag bearer at the 2016 Olympic Games closing ceremony Kate Richardson-Walsh
The Australian national football team socceroos
The held end of a string player’s bow HEEL
The second most populated city of Belarus, also the name of its southeastern region gomel
To ____ oneself is to gain favour, often using flattery INGRATIATE
Traditional remedy for nettle stings dock leaf
UK online supermarket with no bricks and mortar shops OCADO
Undemanding literature regarded as suitable for holidaymakers airport fiction
Wonder Woman’s main adversary is Dr Barbara Ann Minerva, aka The ____ CHEETAH
Wrapped up in oneself EGOCENTRIC
Writer and comedian whose famous roles include Edward Elizabeth Hitler Adrian Edmondson