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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 129 September 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“I admired anyone who could ____ people” (J G Ballard) UNSETTLE
1949 collection of articles by Albert Einstein The World As I See It
1993 film starring Sylvester Stallone as mountain rescuer Gabe Walker CLIFFHANGER
A small lump, often seen as unattractive KNOBBLE
A substance used in chemical analysis REAGENT
Abbreviation to which Q and/or I may be added LGBT
Actor whose most famous role was that of PC George Dixon Jack Warner
Actress who asks Sam to play As Time Goes By in the film Casablanca Ingrid Bergman
An inflammation of the eye ophthalmitis
Ancient Amerindian people of the south-western US, who flourished between c 200BC and AD1500 ANASAZI
Any of the points on a compass RHUMB
Band of connective tissue consisting of collagen SINEW
Breakwater, typically of wood, extending from a beach into the sea GROYNE
British brand of watches, originally made in the Soviet Union, though later in Hong Kong sekonda
Canadian poet and musician whose final album was You Want It Darker Leonard Cohen
Civil rights activist who came to prominence after an incident on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama Rosa Parks
Cornish river which empties into the Carrick Roads FAL
Deceives or, archaically, blindfolds HOODWINKS
Early ____s are the second group in Everett Rogers’s “diffusion of innovations” theory ADOPTER
Energy company which sponsored the FA Cup from the 2006/7 season to 2010/11 EON
Family of rodents which includes squirrels sciuridae
Footballer who scored a total of 141 goals for Arsenal, Manchester City, and Sunderland Niall Quinn
Ford model superseded by the Orion ESCORT
Former Leicester City manager, currently first team coach of Everton Craig Shakespeare
German composer and trumpet virtuoso, his name very similar to that of a German statesman who won the 1971 Nobel peace prize Willi Brandt
German director of films including Wings of Desire and Paris, Texas Wim Wenders
Great brightness, or a flood of light EFFULGENCE
Hat named after the eponymous heroine of a George du Maurier novel of 1894 TRILBY
In law, an excuse for not appearing in court ESSOIN
Instrument used for examining the windpipe bronchoscope
Italian fans, especially those of Ferrari’s Formula One team tifosi
Kiran Desai’s second novel and 2006 Man Booker Prize winner The Inheritance of Loss
Material thrown out, especially from a volcano EJECTA
Muscle rupture HERNIA
On the ____ means taking part in political campaign speech-making STUMP
Panel or screen placed behind an altar REREDOS
Pertaining to the nose RHINAL
Phrase conveying surprise when added to a question on earth
President of France succeeded by Emmanuel Macron Francois Hollande
Removable data storage medium from which an operating system can be loaded boot disk
Russian composer and pianist whose prelude in C sharp minor became so popular that he tired of playing it RACHMANINOFF
Sardinian tower, built between about 1800BC and 700BC nuraghe
Someone you should not trust a bad lot
Something to do just before running away turn tail
Song from the 1925 musical No, No, Nanette Tea for Two
Sultanate whose capital is Muscat OMAN
The fifth Labour of Hercules was to clean the ____ augean stables
The first ever duty-free shop opened at ____ airport in 1947 SHANNON
The first rank held in a career as a naval officer MIDSHIPMAN
The national parliament of Iceland ALTHING
The positive element of Chinese dualistic cosmology YANG
The tense used in a phrase such as “I thought he had gone” PLUPERFECT
The ____ was Henri Rousseau’s last completed work DREAM
This penitential church service, published in 1544, was the first officially authorised service in English Exhortation and Litany
Tiny African country between Ghana and Benin TOGO
Un ____ en papier is a French “tissue” mouchoir
Usually followed by “out”; in a state of ecstasy blissed
____ played Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous Jennifer Saunders