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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 131 October 14 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 131
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“Go away” as often misattributed to Norman Tebbit on your bike
“It can only be attributable to human error” (____ in 2001: A Space Odyssey) HAL
1997 novel by Arthur Golden, about Chiyo Sakamoto Memoirs of a Geisha
2004 single by Kaiser Chiefs, following Oh My God I Predict a Riot
A division into factions, especially in a church SCHISM
A hot paste used in north African cookery HARISSA
A junior heraldic officer of the English College of Arms Blue Mantle
A mountain pass, derived from the Latin word for “neck” COL
A North African supposedly descended from a son of Noah HAMITE
Actor who played Bela Lugosi in the 1994 film Ed Wood Martin Landau
An epithet for the Greek goddess Athena PALLAS
An offensive of the Vietnam War, named after the Vietnamese New Year TET
Aroma, as that of perfume REDOLENCE
Artist who said “I don’t paint things. I only paint the differences between things” MATISSE
Body of water sometimes called America’s Dead Sea Great Salt Lake
British triathlete who won gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games Alistair Brownlee
Citrus fruit also called pomelo, apparently named after a sea captain who introduced it to the West Indies SHADDOCK
Coats, jackets etc outer garments
Colourful loose shirt of African origin DASHIKI
Comedian who had long-time partnerships with Rob Newman and Frank Skinner David Baddiel
Dickens novel featuring schoolmaster Wackford Squeers Nicholas Nickleby
Fitted with mast and cables as most modern sailing boats are Marconi-rigged
Formerly a word used to describe a Native American woman, long considered derogatory SQUAW
French-American writer noted for her volumes of erotica Anais Nin
Golfer who, in 2013, became the first English player to win the US Open since Tony Jacklin Justin Rose
In 2011 this former Arsenal player became the Uefa Champions League’s youngest ever English goal-scorer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
In early 20th-century America, hitting the ____ meant touring for evangelical meetings sawdust trail
In US slang, to turn to a life of crime or immorality break bad
Indian city where the Golden Temple is located AMRITSAR
Informally, having the characteristics of both country and city life rurban
Informally, Norman Tebbit’s successor as MP for Chingford IDS
Linear polymer which carries genetic information DNA
Made more extreme or powerful INTENSIFIED
Measure by which Henry VIII was able to execute people without trials act of attainder
Minister of health, 1945-51 Aneurin Bevan
Norman ____’s 1964 painting The Problem We All Live With was seen as an iconic image for the civil rights movement ROCKWELL
Of two plant or animal species, living together so that one benefits without benefiting or harming the other COMMENSAL
One Albanian ____ is currently worth about 0.7p LEK
Only male tennis player to win both Wimbledon and French Open singles titles for three years in a row Bjorn Borg
Open pasture or grassland LEA
Pertaining to the longer of the forearm bones ULNAR
Poet Laureate from 1984 until his death in 1998 Ted Hughes
Poison secreted by a micro-organism into its surrounding environment EXOTOXIN
Somewhat anomalous material, first named as such by Arthur Schuster ANTIMATTER
The capital of Sudan KHARTOUM
The present tense conjugation of this Latin verb starts with “sum, est, es” ESSE
The ____ table is an arrangement of the elements PERIODIC
The ____ veins take deoxygenated blood from the head to the heart JUGULAR
Thorpe Park roller coaster named after a 2004 horror film SAW
Title of respect in Malay, the equivalent of Mr or Sir TUAN
US actress who once described herself as “ambisextrous” Tallulah Bankhead
Verdi opera with an auto da fé scene Don Carlos
Video game featuring Lara Croft, released in September 2018, the twelfth mainline title of its series Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Wimbledon and French and US Open men’s singles winner in 1989 Boris Becker
Winner of the British Touring Car Championship in 1997 and 2000 Alain Menu
With roles in Fearless and Ordinary Lies, daughter of the actress who plays Coronation Street’s Liz McDonald Rebecca Callard