The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 132 October 21 2018

Clues Answers
“And every time I see you ____ / I’m such a happy individual” (You Make Me Feel So Young lyrics) GRIN
“Every artist was first an ____” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) AMATEUR
“Well ____! … / There’s little comfort in the wise” (Rupert Brooke, in Tiare Tahiti) This Side of Paradise
2009 historical novel by Hilary Mantel Wolf Hall
A dolphin’s flipper or a duck’s wing FORELIMB
Aardvarks ANTBEARS
Administers a drug, perhaps to enhance athletic performance DOPES
Alternative to “stock” as a name for the undealt part of the pack in card games TALON
Ancient route from Rome to Brindisi Via Appia
Author of the Bryant & May detective stories Christopher Fowler
Barbadian singer with hits including Umbrella and Only Girl (In the World) RIHANNA
British First World War equivalent of one of the two dances in the Nato phonetic alphabet TOC
Budget flight operator based in Swords, Dublin RYANAIR
Captain Charles Edstaston is the central character of ____: Whom Glory Still Adores by George Bernard Shaw Great Catherine
Clothing retailer known as Penneys in the Republic of Ireland primark
Country bordered by Nicaragua and Panama costa rica
Crème de ____ is a liqueur made from blackcurrants CASSIS
Derived from a Latin word meaning white, a blank book for the collecting of photographs etc ALBUM
Edible mushroom with honeycombed cap MOREL
Electrically charged particles emitted by very hot material thermions
Feminist whose second daughter wrote Frankenstein Mary Wollstonecraft
First two words of the hymn usually sung to the tune Eventide abide with
Formed a luminous electrical discharge ARCED
Former company which made enamel paints used with model kits humbrol
Former Hull City midfielder who joined Derby County for a second time in 2017 Tom Huddlestone
Former long-distance runner who founded the Great North Run Brendan Foster
Formerly, a European who made a fortune in India NABOB
Humanitarian sometimes called the “British Schindler” Sir Nicholas Winton
In Greek myth, a son of Temenus, and the eponymous subject of a play by Euripides ARCHELAUS
In this Oscar Wilde play, Mrs Erlynne is revealed to be the main protagonist’s mother, not a love rival Lady Windermere’s Fan
Informal description of “duple time” in two
Labour MP for Hartlepool, 1992-2004 Peter Mandelson
Masculine given name in both Welsh and Japanese DAI
More shy TIMIDER
Music magazine which ceased publication in 2000 and was incorporated into NME Melody Maker
Named after the Latin name for Copenhagen, the last of the stable elements to be discovered HAFNIUM
Old name for a domestic bovine animal NEAT
Philip Schofield played Thomas More in stage and film versions of Robert Bolt’s ____ A Man For All Seasons
Player of a kind of saxophone often used by beginners ALTOIST
Russian historian and philosopher who championed reforms by Alexander II, including the emancipation of the serfs Boris Chicherin
Samurai with no master; 1998 film starring Robert De Niro RONIN
Sitcom in which the often mimicked “Ooh, Betty” was only said once Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em
Six of the poems used in Schubert’s Schwanengesang are by Heinrich ____ HEINE
Substance used in baking, and to treat indigestion bicarbonate of soda
Taoiseach of Ireland from 1997 to 2008 Bertie Ahern
Technical expert advising in a trial or inquiry ASSESSOR
The act of rowing, or associated equipment OARAGE
The clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol Bob Cratchit
The Night Watch is one of ____’s best-known paintings REMBRANDT
The orbital cavity eye socket
Two-humped beast of burden native to the steppes of Central Asia Bactrian camel
Type of mirage, its name derived from Arthurian legend Fata Morgana
Type of read-only memory which can be erased and overwritten EPROM
Vague knowledge or suspicion INKLING
Wilhelm ____ discovered X-rays ROENTGEN
Wolfsbane, or the poison derived from it ACONITE

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