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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 135 November 11 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 135
Clues Answers
“Am dining at Goldini’s Restaurant […]. Please ____ and join me there.” (Sherlock Holmes) come at once
“The ____ is the avenue to the heart” (Voltaire) EAR
A solid component of fat STEARIN
Actress who played Bond girl Jinx in Die Another Day Halle Berry
Alter ego used by William Makepeace Thackeray Arthur Pendennis
An isometric saturated hydrocarbon found in motor fuel OCTANE
An upper room in a medieval manor house SOLAR
Area of England between the North and South Downs the Weald
Black and white diving bird of northern seas AUK
Carl ____ is Denmark’s best-known composer NIELSEN
Character in a Dickens short story, who “must have been an offshoot of the Blue Beard family” Captain Murderer
Covert military or government activities black ops
Danica ____ is the only woman to win an IndyCar series race PATRICK
Dutch theologian whose attempted reforms of Calvinism created the Remonstrant movement Jacobus Arminius
Electronic conversion of printed or written text OCR
Europe’s second-longest river DANUBE
Ferdinand ____ was the supreme commander of Allied forces in the First World War FOCH
Former Dutch coin, one twentieth of a guilder STIVER
Hard-wearing cotton twill fabric DENIM
Holiday resort between the Ribble and Wyre estuaries BLACKPOOL
Ian ____’s first novel was The Cement Garden MCEWAN
Ide is another name for this fish ORFE
Improvisational comedy show hosted by Clive Anderson Whose Line Is It Anyway
In 1926, Gertrude ____ became the sixth person and first woman to swim the Channel EDERLE
Italian motorcycle racer known as The Doctor Valentino Rossi
Lodging for the poor, provided by a charity ALMSHOUSE
Macromolecule found in all living cells RNA
Male head of a household PATERFAMILIAS
Marlon ____ is a Jamaican cricketer who plays for the West Indies in all three international formats SAMUELS
Mos Eisley’s dimly-lit tavern with a jazz band in Star Wars CANTINA
Mountain area in which Grenoble and Chamonix are situated French Alps
Muscular terrier, originally bred for blood sports pit bull
Noel Coward play adapted for film as Brief Encounter still life
Nursery rhyme possibly about the Scottish general Sir Alexander Leslie There Was A Crooked Man
Punning; a 2006 film featuring contestants in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament WORDPLAY
Rider of Mon Mome, 100-1 winner of the 2009 Grand National Liam Treadwell
Singing cowboy Gene Autry’s equine companion Champion the Wonder Horse
Small crustacean native to the coast of South Africa Cape lobster
Sound made by covering and uncovering the bell of a brass instrument wah-wah
Stage name of Peter Martin, bass guitarist of 1980s soul/funk band Linx SKETCH
Stand-up comedian who hosts his own Comedy Roadshow for BBC 1 Michael McIntyre
Syria’s ancient city of ____ was added to Unesco’s world heritage in danger list in 2013 ALEPPO
The evergreen climber Hedera helix IVY
The nave of a wheel HUB
The non-existent virus named in an early case of hoax virus warnings, first seen by email in 1994 Good Times
The Outer Hebrides are also called “the ____” Long Island
The singer of Che Gelida Manina in Puccini’s La Bohème RODOLFO
The theory that members of a hierarchy rise to their level of incompetence Peter Principle
The weight carried by a horse in a handicap race IMPOST
The ____ became The Times in 1788 Daily Universal Register
The ____ coast is a popular tourist destination in Italy AMALFI
Type of bridge contract in which the honours are the four aces no trumps
Unable to produce new cells, causing defects in organs or tissue aplastic
Veteran singer who had a No 1 hit with My Son, My Son Vera Lynn
War galley with three banks of oars TRIREME
Wigan-based inventor voiced by Peter Sallis WALLACE
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