The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 136 November 18 2018

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 136
Clues Answers
“In life, in death, o Lord, ____” (HF Lyte, usually to music by WH Monk) Abide With Me
“The last hundred years has seen a general ____ the democratic idea” (GK Chesterton) decline in
A chief god of ancient Egypt, the brother of Set OSIRIS
A delicate or potentially embarrassing situation Thin ice
A volunteer role in animal training puppy walker
According to its website, ____ has the biggest university campus in the UK KEELE
After the Danube, the second-longest river in central or western Europe RHINE
Archangel often named with Gabriel, Michael and Raphael URIEL
As a musical direction, “becoming slower” RALLENTANDO
Comedian who appeared with his father in the 1930s as “Bert Carson and his Little Wonder” Ernie Wise
Complicated bow which is hard to untie, thus symbolizing deep affection True lovers’ knot
Composer of the ragtime opera Treemonisha Scott Joplin
Conditions or stipulations Ifs and buts
Corona discharge sometimes seen around ships’ masts St Elmo’s fire
Equipment used in much commercial marine fishing trawl net
Final active stage or last possible moment the last gasp
Folded tortilla filled with minced beef, chicken, cheese or beans BURRITO
Hairstyle popularised by the Ronettes BEEHIVE
Home town of comedian Peter Kay BOLTON
Housay, Grunay and Bruray, once home of the smallest secondary school in Britain Out Skerries
In Greek myth, a shepherd and the nymph he loved Acis and Galatea
In Greek myth, an outlaw who Zeus punished for eternity IXION
In the USA, property comprising land and or buildings Real estate
Jackie ____ wrote the lyrics for the Neighbours signature tune TRENT
Location of the G20 Summit later this year Buenos Aires
Lynda ____wrote the TV series Widows and Prime Suspect La Plante
Northern coniferous forests, just south of the tundra TAIGA
Of a robust traditional or rural character, informally TWEEDY
Outer Hebridean island from which Bonnie Prince Charlie headed “over the sea to Skye” BENBECULA
Pantomime character whose first words are often “Master! Your wish is my command!” Genie of the lamp
People working on the California Zephyr or Coast Starlight railroaders
Playwright who wrote about working-class Dubliners Sean O’Casey
Poet who wrote Illustrated Excursions in Italy Edward Lear
Preliminary version of a film Rough cut
Reflective moment which once ended Sundays on the BBC EPILOGUE
Retain composure, when provoked Keep one’s cool
Retired professors, say, who retain their titles on an honorary basis EMERITI
Second John Buchan novel featuring Richard Hannay GREENMANTLE
Sideboard with shelves above drawers and cupboards Welsh dresser
South Africa’s third largest city, once called Port Natal DURBAN
Stewed vegetables, usually including tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and peppers RATATOUILLE
Stone coffin with carvings SARCOPHAGUS
Suffolk town on the River Gipping associated with poets John Milton and George Crabbe STOWMARKET
The “Queen of Soul” who died in August this year Aretha Franklin
The darker inner region of a sunspot UMBRA
The Indian cricketer “Ranji” was called the “maharajah of ____” after buying Ballynahinch Castle in County Galway CONNEMARA
The McIlhenny Company’s contribution to a cocktail bar Tabasco sauce
The multi-headed monster killed by Hercules in the second of his 12 labours HYDRA
The Roman name for the Greek god of medicine and healing, a son of Apollo AESCULAPIUS
To show someone’s involvement in a crime IMPLICATE
To ____ on something is to endorse it or to mark it with your distinctive character Set one’s seal
US soul singer whose Shout Bamalama was strongly influenced by Little Richard’s frantic jump-blues style Otis Redding
Where Lincoln delivered an address at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in 1863 GETTYSBURG
Winner of the Swiss Indoor tennis title in October __ his 99th professional singles tournament win Roger Federer
Words first used by Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 3 rather than Julius Caesar Et tu Brute
Working for regular pay STIPENDIARY

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