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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 142 December 30 2018

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 142
Clues Answers
“… and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves ____” (Genesis 3:7) APRONS
“… we never really die; we continue as part of ____” (George Lucas) the Force
11 elements are ____ at room temperature GASES
1963 comedy film about a race for stolen cash it’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
1983 Ryan Paris song, inspired by a 1960 Italian film dolce Vita
19th-century convoy of US pioneers wagon train
2016 horror film about a man with 23 personalities SPLIT
A 1950s and 1960s series of spotters’ guides for children i-spy
A ceremonial entrance to the City of London until 1878 temple Bar
A colony of white ants termitary
A figure skating jump not named after anyone toe loop
A golf club used for some approach shots MIDIRON
A Japanese dish of soya beans in their pods EDAMAME
A Riley ____ was a more conventional-looking Mini ELF
A scapegoat fall guy
Ancient Greek city on the island of Santorini, abandoned after a volcanic eruption THERA
Another name for a duvet continental quilt
Antiphon sometimes sung during a eucharist service INTROIT
As a colour on web pages, another name for cyan AQUA
Benjamin Britten’s operetta Paul ____ is about a giant lumberjack in American folklore BUNYAN
Curing an addiction to alcohol drying out
Description of copy protection or some naval patrols anti-piracy
Donations by ____ were the basis of an Oxford museum augustus Pitt Rivers
Dorando ____ finished first in the 1908 Olympic marathon, but was later disqualified pietri
Drummer in the Jazz Messengers, formed in the 1950s art Blakey
From Afrikaans, a name for a tree snake BOOMSLANG
Georges Gilles de la ____ described the symptoms of a “maladie des tics” in 1885 TOURETTE
German theologian who resisted Nazism dietrich Bonhoeffer
Gilbert and Sullivan’s song A More Humane Mikado has many references to “innocent ____” MERRIMENT
Graham James has been bishop of ____ since 1999 NORWICH
Greek letter on the UK Supreme Court’s official badge OMEGA
Home of the Port of London’s main container facility TILBURY
In chemistry, a base that dissolves in water ALKALI
In The ____, Donald Norman writes: “If I were placed in the cockpit of [an] airliner, my inability to perform well would neither surprise nor bother me. But why should I have trouble with doors, light switches, water faucets and stoves?” design of Everyday Things
Indication that swimming is dangerous, or an outdoor shooting range is in use red flag
Letters on a flag also showing the cross of St George with a blue border, and a crown and anchor rnli
Maurice ____ was a French painter of cityscapes, especially of Montmartre, where he was born UTRILLO
Middle English name for a type of salamander EFT
New Mexico city best known for a UFO “incident” in 1947 ROSWELL
On a radio, the A in AM AMPLITUDE
On the left bank of the Colorado river, the most visited area of Grand Canyon National Park south Rim
Pat and ____ is a 1952 romantic comedy starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy MIKE
Permanent bending of fingers, experienced by about 20 per cent of people over 65 in the UK dupuytren’s contracture
Physicist best known for his uncertainty principle werner Heisenberg
Place providing care and recreation facilities for those not fully independent day centre
Proverbially, still waters ____ run deep
Run faster than a rival in the home straight outsprint
The “Sprint” version of this event includes a 5km run TRIATHLON
The fibre used to make hessian cloth JUTE
The first airline to use “Speedbird” as a call sign BOAC
The plant sweetbrier; also the Canterbury Tales prioress EGLANTINE
The slow section of a Hungarian csardas LASSU
The snowman in a Christmas song first recorded by Gene Autry in 1950 FROSTY
The ____ mountains are the highest range in the Carpathians TATRA
This genus in the mint family includes selfheal PRUNELLA
Thomas Hardy novel or a quote from Gray’s Elegy far From the Madding Crowd
To make a howl-like sound with a trilling quality ULULATE
Tundra, steppe and savannah PLAINS
Vyacheslav ____ was the USSR’s foreign minister during the Second World War MOLOTOV
____ fish live in the upper waters of the open sea PELAGIC