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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 147 February 3 2019

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 147
Clues Answers
“____ consists in believing what reason cannot” (Voltaire) FAITH
1972 novel by Frederick Forsyth The Odessa File
1986 martial arts comedy film starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall Big Trouble In Little China
1990s game show hosted by Phillip Schofield and, latterly, Claudia Winkleman Talking Telephone Numbers
A change to a proposed bill AMENDMENT
A name for a hostile attack, rarely seen in singular form INROAD
A period of leave, often to undertake a different project SABBATICAL
A subsidiary of the ____ transport company operates most Thameslink rail services govia
Adjective describing email that you don’t want spammy
All-rounder Nigel ____ made over 200 appearances for Somerset popplewell
An exile, especially for political reasons EMIGRE
Ancient Turkish city where the apostle Paul is said to have met the disciple Timothy LYSTRA
Arthurian comic strip created by Hal Foster in 1937 Prince Valiant
Author whose short story collections included Bliss and The Garden Party Katherine Mansfield
Charlie Chaplin was Adenoid Hynkel in The ____ Great Dictator
Codename for operations by the US and allies before the combat stage of the Gulf War Operation Desert Shield
Distinctive atmosphere, from a Latin word for “breeze” AURA
Equally suitably As well
Eye duct which drains aqueous humour from the anterior chamber Schlemms canal
Feature of She Loves You by the Beatles YEAHS
Filippo ____, Italian author of the Futurist Manifesto in 1909 MARINETTI
French novelist who wrote The Mysteries of Paris Eugene Sue
Friends character played by Lisa Kudrow PHOEBE
Groups of bones in the feet of vertebrates METATARSI
Historic home of the Gordon Highlanders, formerly called Milton of Strathbogie HUNTLY
In music, the “fundamental” or lowest note obtainable from a length of wind instrument tubing first harmonic
Industrial city of Belarus, approximately 300 km south-east of Minsk gomel
Island whose king was Odysseus according to Homeric legend ITHACA
La ____ is a tight right-hand bend near the end of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit RASCASSE
London’s first ____ café opened in 1994 INTERNET
Month shared by the astrological signs Sagittarius and Capricorn DECEMBER
Original spelling for a unit defined as the weight of a cubic centimetre of water GRAMME
Pain-inhibiting peptide produced by the brain ENDORPHIN
People or things of the same age COEVALS
Portuguese footballer whose record of 127 caps was broken by Cristiano Ronaldo Luis Figo
Rock band whose bassist is known as Flea Red Hot Chili Peppers
Russian author of Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev
Scentless plant of woods and hedges dog violet
Second largest lake in the Lake District ULLSWATER
Sicily’s active volcano ETNA
Sitcom whose opening theme was called The Ballad of Jed Clampett The Beverly Hillbillies
State lying between Kansas and Texas OKLAHOMA
State whose dominance of southern Greece was ended by the battle of Leuctra in 371BC SPARTA
The brightest star of the constellation Taurus ALDEBARAN
The capital of Finland HELSINKI
The final work of Jacques ____ was the unfinished opera The Tales of Hoffmann OFFENBACH
The only Central American country with English as its official language BELIZE
The only overseas territory given to Castile rather than Portugal by the treaty of Alcacovas in 1479 Canary Islands
The UK’s best-known ____ pact lasted for about 18 months, starting in March 1977 lib-lab
The ____ or Rongkup people are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of India’s state of Sikkim lepcha
Thomas ____’s inventions included the microphone EDISON
TV writer who created The Liver Birds, Butterflies, and Bread Carla Lane
Vertical bar which separates window panes MULLION
With arms and legs stretched out spread-eagled