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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 153 March 17 2019

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 153
Clues Answers
‘Blow, blow, thou winter wind / Thou art not so unkind / As man’s ____’ (As You Like It) INGRATITUDE
‘Richard of York gave battle in vain’ for example MNEMONIC
‘She cut her hair and her ties to the past’ is an example of this figure of speech ZEUGMA
‘____ is fine — but human nature is finer’ (John Keats) SCENERY
1971 novel by V S Naipaul, winner of that year’s Booker Prize In a Free State
A large merchant sailing ship WINDJAMMER
Alphabet used for Slavonic languages CYRILLIC
An alternative to ‘strength’ and ‘schnapps’ as an eight-letter word with one vowel SCHMALTZ
An ____ order allows search and seizure of evidence without warning Anton Piller
Beirut is the capital of this country LEBANON
Canadian province to the east of Ontario QUEBEC
Changing position to gain advantage manoeuvring
Church partition surmounted by a crucifix, many of which were destroyed in the Reformation rood screen
Cricketer who captained England in the early 1960s Ted Dexter
Current top-ranked British male tennis player Kyle Edmund
Easternmost point on the Republic of Ireland’s mainland Wicklow Head
Feeding on any kind of food available OMNIVOROUS
Fictional detective introduced in The Mysterious Affair at Styles hercule poirot
German sausage WURST
Gordon Ramsay has recently added a vegan ____ to the menu at his Bread Street Kitchen ROAST
Greek Muse of tragedy MELPOMENE
Informally, the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Warsaw Pact
Items of furniture, especially in kitchens UNITS
Local official in Anglo-Saxon England REEVE
New town in Hertfordshire; birthplace of golfer Nick Faldo Welwyn Garden City
One setting of the sitcom Gavin & Stacey BILLERICAY
Part of the body to which the word “ungual” applies NAIL
Protagonist of Gustave Flaubert’s debut novel Emma Bovary
Small red fruit, rich in vitamin C ROSEHIP
Spanish province between Malaga and Almeria GRANADA
The ‘man-cub’ of stories by Rudyard Kipling MOWGLI
The centimetre-gram-second unit of work ERG
The herb Salvia officinalis SAGE
The last character to speak in Hamlet FORTINBRAS
The oldest male tennis player to play in two Grand Slam finals in the same year Ken Rosewall
The original ‘It girl’ Clara Bow
The pop duo of Richard Drummie and Peter Cox Go West
The slow ____ is a nocturnal primate LORIS
The ____, popular title of Skrik by Edvard Munch SCREAM
To do something ‘pour ____ les bourgeois’ is to attempt to create a sensation EPATER
To soak in liquid to loosen fibres RET
Type of snake which gives birth to live young BOA
Wading bird of the sandpiper family with long, downcurved bill CURLEW
Winterbourne is the suitor in this 1879 novella by Henry James Daisy Miller
Wonderful to tell (Latin) mirabile dictu
____ paper may also be used for dictionaries BIBLE
____ played Esmerelda in the 1957 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame Gina Lollobrigida
____, Carrick and Cumnock is a Scottish parliamentary constituency created in 2005 AYR