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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 218 June 14 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 218
Clues Answers
“The martyrs go hand in hand into the arena; they are ____ alone” (Aldous Huxley, in The Doors of Perception) CRUCIFIED
“You can’t ____ a man who has no food” (Bob Marley) ENTERTAIN
A benign fatty tumour LIPOMA
A famous pop group; the rhyme scheme used twice to begin a Petrarchan sonnet ABBA
A riverside scavenger of Victorian times MUDLARK
A Walk in the ____ was Horst Jankowski’s biggest hit Black Forest
American fashion designer noted for her contribution to the development of blue jeans Gloria Vanderbilt
American poet’s name, typically printed in lower case e e cummings
Any book regarded as authoritative on its subject BIBLE
Article sold below cost price to attract custom loss-leader
BBC sitcom first shown in 2006, starring Jack Dee as an unsuccessful comedian Lead Balloon
Born after (specifically) no more than 37 weeks of pregnancy PRETERM
Central character of two film sequels to the Rocky series Adonis Creed
City attacked with chemical weapons in the Iran-Iraq war halabja
City in Saxony-Anhalt, served by the same airport as Leipzig HALLE
Dartmoor’s second-highest point Yes Tor
DH Lawrence’s second novel with the Brangwen sisters Women in Love
Dominant grape variety in most red Chateauneuf-du-Pape GRENACHE
Egg-shaped OVIFORM
Finland’s pre-euro currency MARKKA
First name of three wives of medieval English kings ELEANOR
In a typical state with three branches, one has ____ powers LEGISLATIVE
In Greek myth, the mortal woman who became the wife of Eros PSYCHE
Informally, a phrase or short solo in popular music LICK
Lacking teeth EDENTATE
London area where founder members of the Who grew up ACTON
Marlene’s husband in Only Fools and Horses BOYCIE
Meaning of “veni” in words attributed to Julius Caesar I came
Medieval instruments, similar to modern timpani nakers
Name for a cockerel, derived from one featured in the Reynard the Fox fables CHANTICLEER
Often in brackets, a Latin word indicating text reproduced despite apparent errors SIC
Painting style, of which Vermeer was a famous exponent Delft School
Plant of the same genus as love-lies-bleeding AMARANTH
Portuguese footballer who managed Hull City, Watford, and Everton Marco Silva
Prime minister of Norway three times, 1981-1996 Gro Harlem Brundtland
Random number generator used (in five versions) since 1957 ERNIE
Relating to operations by, for example, a web host rather than client server-side
Sailor’s dish of stewed meat, vegetables and ship’s biscuit LOBSCOUSE
Salad of cracked wheat and chopped ingredients such as tomatoes, onions and parsley, often in a mezze selection TABBOULEH
Seaside resort sometimes called the “Queen of the Welsh Watering Places” LLANDUDNO
Sitcom, starring Gregor Fisher, based on a recurring character in the Naked Video sketch show Rab C Nesbitt
Soap opera which spawned the spin-off Albion Market Coronation Street
That which, in the USA, is usually called a popsicle ice lolly
The medieval scholar Roger ____ is often described as Britain’s first scientist BACON
The ox-eye daisy MARGUERITE
Trade name for methylphenidate, a drug used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy RITALIN
Vehicle component which charges the battery while the engine is running ALTERNATOR
Window material strengthened with metal mesh wire glass
Wine region of central Portugal DAO
____ has played Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking in films Benedict Cumberbatch