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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 220 June 28 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 220
Clues Answers
“The world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer”, founded in 2000 OCADO
A “classic” baseplate for this toy shows its name 1024 times LEGO
A cathedral cleric CANON
A fawn colour, especially of dresses or coats CAMEL
A regular ____ can be described as a triangular pyramid TETRAHEDRON
A young pilchard; a variety of chalcedony SARDINE
According to the Odyssey, ____ detained Odysseus for seven years CALYPSO
An emotional display, often embarrassing for onlookers SCENE
Any of Scotland’s 282 separate peaks over 3000 feet high MUNRO
Audiences traditionally stand for this Handelian chorus HALLELUJAH
Business costs not attributable to individual products OVERHEADS
Cheshire location of the main Bentley car factory CREWE
Chinese silk straight dress with stand-up collar and side slit CHEONGSAM
Common name for various bivalve molluscs, especially Mytilus edulis MUSSEL
Elvis Presley’s third film and its title song, the first record to enter the UK charts at No 1 Jailhouse Rock
Essex island, which became a holiday destination in the first half of the 20th century canvey
Extreme northern location; an uttermost point or degree ultima Thule
Former TV quizmaster who created the educational website HistoryWorld Bamber Gascoigne
Founded in Perth in 1976, the UK’s largest bus company STAGECOACH
Game like charades, with acted rhymes of a clue word Dumb crambo
Geometrical property of a shape, which may be rotational or reflective SYMMETRY
Greek goddess of youth and spring HEBE
House of the Rising Sun was the only UK No 1 hit by the ____ ANIMALS
Indian dish of yoghurt with spices and chopped vegetables, especially cucumber RAITA
Joseph Conrad novel set in Costaguana, a fictional country NOSTROMO
Large area where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken Latin America
Light fluffy dish made by adding stiffly beaten egg whites to a roux and savoury or sweet flavouring ingredients SOUFFLE
Lincolnshire market town, important in the medieval wool trade STAMFORD
Loose fibre from old rope, used to caulk seams in wooden ships OAKUM
Lord ____ was a lifelong advocate for penal reform LONGFORD
Made a survey with a baseline and angular measurement triangulated
Mediocre so-so
Novelist influenced by Edouard Dujardin’s Les lauriers sont coupés, an early example of stream of consciousness James Joyce
One who refuses to recognise the truth OSTRICH
Organisation maintaining world order in a 1960s TV series UNCLE
Part of Westminster Abbey where Chaucer was buried Poets’ Corner
Physicist who worked on electricity and magnetism AMPERE
Provoke to action INCITE
Region including Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji MELANESIA
Rich tapestries were named after this northern French city ARRAS
River which flows through Lake Geneva RHONE
Silent film star, one of the founders of United Artists Charlie Chaplin
Sir Mark ____ has been the Hallé Orchestra’s Music Director since 2000 ELDER
Terminus of the London and Birmingham Railway, opened in 1837, and controversially rebuilt in the 1960s Euston Station
The most difficult toe jump in figure-skating LUTZ
Two of these offences are linked with lions and slow-moving tree creatures Deadly Sins
Ukraine-born US violinist who said that he played “music that solves all human problems: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven” Isaac Stern
Unaccompanied secular part-songs of the 16th century MADRIGALS
Until 1974, the Parts of ___ was an administrative area in Lincolnshire, including Boston and Spalding HOLLAND
Very large dog breed, with a rough shaggy coat Irish wolfhound
____ played George Smiley in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Sir Alec Guinness