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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 225 August 2 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 225
Clues Answers
“Grow great by your example and put on / The dauntless spirit of ____” (Shakespeare, King John) RESOLUTION
“Till the injurious Romans did ____ / This tribute from us, we were free” (Shakespeare, Cymbeline) EXTORT
“Whereas an ambiguous statement may be vague by accident or intent, an equivocal one is calculatedly ____” (Bill Bryson, Troublesome Words) UNCLEAR
“____ and wisdom are not opposing values” (Bill Clinton) STRENGTH
1996 football single featuring Baddiel and Skinner Three Lions
A Bakewell tart has this almond-based filling FRANGIPANE
A deer’s horn ANTLER
A North American born of Japanese immigrant parents NISEI
A rhyming game CRAMBO
A shivering fit AGUE
A ____ question is one which does not invite an answer RHETORICAL
Also known as the “Cradle of Liberty”, a popular tourist site in Boston, Massachusetts Faneuil Hall
An ecclesiastical council, or an obsolete word for a conjunction of planets SYNOD
Another name for hydrogen cyanide prussic acid
Archaically or in dialect, an ant EMMET
Art gallery owned by Jay Jopling, with two branches in London and one on Hong Kong Island White Cube
Capital of Thessaly and, in myth, the birthplace of Achilles LARISSA
Designating the most negative outcome of something worst-case
Disneyland is in this Californian city ANAHEIM
Early devices used to help those with poor hearing ear trumpets
Early type of motorcycle with a passenger seat in front forecar
Framework allowing a vehicle to carry extra luggage roof rack
Henrik ____ wrote Hedda Gabler IBSEN
In Monty Python’s cheese shop sketch, the one mentioned after Venezuelan beaver cheese CHEDDAR
Like his brother Denis, ____ played football for Arsenal and cricket for Middlesex Leslie Compton
London’s ____ docks opened in 1806 and closed in 1967 East India
Manager of Sampdoria, and formerly Leicester City Claudio Ranieri
Medical term for an abnormally strong appetite, derived from the ancient Greek for “hunger” limosis
Multi-volume hagiography, started in the 17th century Acta Sanctorum
Musician and poet who collaborated with Pete Doherty of the Libertines and Babyshambles Peter Wolfe
Old name for the Mon-Khmer language of Vietnam annamese
Pertaining to kissing OSCULAR
Plain white fur used in clothing MINIVER
Popular eating and cooking apple of Australian origin Granny Smith
Portia’s maid in The Merchant of Venice NERISSA
Region of western Asia Minor once settled by the Greeks IONIA
Star Trek character played by George Takei Hikaru Sulu
The first female Ukrainian to break into the top 10 tennis rankings, reaching No 3 in 2017 and 2019 Elina Svitolina
The Greek god of war ARES
The opposite of a vacuum PLENUM
The second-highest civil award for bravery in both Canada and Australia Star of Courage
The University of Oxford’s motto Dominus illuminatio mea
UK prime minister whose first term in office came between Disraeli’s two William Ewart Gladstone
Until 1920, an Italian car manufacturer’s acronymic name ALFA
US feminist who co-founded the Women’s Media Center with Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan Gloria Steinem
Usually, the longer of the two main bones of the forearm ULNA
Well-known ____ artists include Henri Rousseau and Beryl Cook NAIVE
Zoological term meaning “tailless” anurous
____ declared his presidential candidacy on April 25, 2019 Joe Biden
____ plays for Everton and the Nigerian national team Alex Iwobi