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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 233 September 27 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 233
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“If […] I am an optimist, my ____ to the creed of optimism is worth hearing” (Helen Keller) TESTIMONY
“The Red One”, a famous Moorish palace in Granada ALHAMBRA
1959 mystery novel by Muriel Spark memento mori
1992 No 1 hit for Shakespears Sister STAY
A fold pressed or sewn in fabric PLEAT
A form of paramnesia deja vu
A protein acting as a catalyst in biochemical reactions ENZYME
According to polls, nearly half of Serbia’s football fans support ____ Belgrade red star
Actor who played Sebastian alongside Florence Pugh in the 2016 film Lady Macbeth Cosmo Jarvis
Also known as the Amidah, central prayer of the Jewish liturgy Shemoneh Esreh
An official language of Pakistan URDU
Author of The Devil’s Dictionary Ambrose Bierce
Cerumen EARWAX
February 6 in New Zealand Waitangi Day
Fermented soya bean paste, the base for a Japanese soup MISO
First philosopher mentioned in Monty Python’s “Bruces’ Song” Immanuel Kant
Former game show with nine contestants usually in apparent cuboid compartments Celebrity Squares
French term for a duty or educational exercise DEVOIR
Grasshopper or cricket, for example ORTHOPTERAN
Group which had a 1970 hit with Knock Three Times DAWN
Illuminated manuscript version of the four Gospels, housed at Trinity College Library in Dublin Book of Kells
In anatomy, the opposite of distal PROXIMAL
In Spanish-speaking countries, a motorway AUTOPISTA
In the House of Commons, an MP who does not hold office BACKBENCHER
Informally, the Beethoven symphony performed in this year’s first live Prom on August 28 EROICA
James McConville is the US Army’s current ____ Chief of Staff
Jim Parsons plays ____ Cooper in The Big Bang Theory SHELDON
Lakeland fell which became Kanchenjunga in a Swallows and Amazons novel by Arthur Ransome Old Man of Coniston
Largest city located on the River Weser in Germany BREMEN
Organisation offering training and certification in diving padi
Part of an insect’s body which bears the wings and legs THORAX
Pasta is usually made from this variety of wheat DURUM
Piece of writing which excludes one or more letters of the alphabet LIPOGRAM
Race devised for the first modern Olympics in 1896 MARATHON
Racecourses of ancient Rome and Greece HIPPODROMES
Satirist described by Stephen Fry as “The funniest man who ever drew breath” Peter Cook
Something which provides guidance (originally a name for the Pole Star) CYNOSURE
The “Doc” played by Christopher Lloyd in the Back to the Future films Emmett Brown
The “Lion of Punjab”, a Sikh empire leader of the early 19th century Ranjit Singh
The cause of glandular fever Epstein-Barr virus
The study of word origins ETYMOLOGY
Three-verse poem by Byron, inspired by Anne Beatrix Wilmot, his cousin’s wife She Walks in Beauty
To encounter, usually unexpectedly run into
To obtain something (typically money) by force or threat EXTORT
Torgau, where US and Soviet forces met on April 25, 1945, stands on this river ELBE
With Brutus, Sicinius ____ plots the downfall of Coriolanus in Shakespeare’s play velutus
Wood which was the reason for the creation of British Honduras as a colony MAHOGANY