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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 241 November 22 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 241
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“A question I have often asked is, ‘What would an ____ political cartoon look like?’” (Salman Rushdie) INOFFENSIVE
“Extinct” order of fish, until an Indian Ocean find in 1938 COELACANTH
“They blame their tools: why did the carpenter make the bed so badly, if he ____?” (Galen) was any good
“____ me, my sweet ____able you” (Ira Gershwin) EMBRACE
01-Jan EVENS
A design, especially one used as part of a pattern MOTIF
A former French title for a clergyman ABBE
A photon books in at a hotel. Receptionist: Do you have any luggage? Photon: No, I’m ____ travelling light
According to EB White, someone who “knows more about writing than writers do, but who has escaped the terrible desire to write” EDITOR
According to its founder, “a school of citizenship through woodcraft” SCOUTING
An elevated but static trot in dressage piaffe
An ideal now abandoned at the top level of most sports Amateurism
An old-fashioned sweet pudding; insincere compliments FLUMMERY
Animal with both beaded and bearded varieties LIZARD
As ____, Nicholas Breakspear was the only English pope Adrian IV
Austrian physicist ____ described one of the best-known effects in science Christian Doppler
Bacterium which is spherical or nearly so Coccus
Ban (someone) from participation in church sacraments EXCOMMUNICATE
BBC Two documentary series, aired 1965-82, about a wide range of people Man Alive
Cleaning or purifying process using vapour FUMIGATION
Clothing etc, traditionally collected by a bride for marriage TROUSSEAU
Daisy Ashford wrote The ____ when she was 5D, and it was mostly unchanged when published 28 years later Young Visiters
Distilling apparatus formerly used by alchemists ALEMBIC
French post-impressionist, the “father of modern art” Paul Cezanne
Hertfordshire town with a Natural History Museum originally created by Lionel Walter (2nd Baron) Rothschild TRING
Holiday accommodation which includes self-catering flats apartotel
In Michelin guides, a two-star restaurant is worth a ____ DETOUR
In Microsoft Word 2019, Gigi, Broadway or Playbill TYPEFACE
Informally, a former furniture retailer in London’s Tottenham Court Road MAPLES
Modern name of pharaonic Egypt’s southern frontier city ASWAN
Of a person, having a large solid body HEAVYSET
Original rank of Nyota Uhura in Star Trek LIEUTENANT
Part of the full name for Shoreham, but not nearby Hove or Worthing by-sea
River feature that could be called an ex-meander oxbow lake
Royal Troon’s famous very short hole postage stamp
See 24D NINE
Shirley ____, who admitted to occasional cigarette-smoking, won Olympic 100m hurdles silver in 1984 STRONG
Singapore prison; a Second World War PoW camp nearby changi
Source of power introduced by America’s Eveready company in 1907 AA batteries
Spreaders of opinion via social media TWITTERATI
The new role of Dolly Alderton in our Style supplement agony aunt
The Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary says ____ “may work by allowing the body to release its own natural painkillers” ACUPUNCTURE
The short form of a fancy word for “smelly” odiferous
The storyteller in One Thousand and One Nights SCHEHERAZADE
Things which are mysterious, or meant for a tiny audience ESOTERICA
This name for an ancient and important area was apparently not used before the 20th century Fertile Crescent
To behave badly act up
Type of salmon found in the northern Pacific SOCKEYE
Until 1986, the name of a rock hall of fame in London’s Exhibition Road geological Museum
____ share male ancestry AGNATES