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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 257 March 14 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 257
Clues Answers
& 4D: Actor who played Charles Ryder in Brideshead Revisited JEREMY
A “monthly series for road-users” piloted on BBC Midlands in 1977, presented by Angela Rippon and Tom Coyne top gear
Actress who ate figs with Alan Bates in a famous scene in the 1969 film version of Women in Love Eleanor Bron
African capital city where freed slaves were resettled, starting in 1849 LIBREVILLE
An archaic and literary name for China CATHAY
Artist’s mixture of lampblack, water, and a binding agent such as shellac indian ink
BBC2 current affairs programme now regularly hosted by Emily Maitlis, Kirsty Wark and Emma Barnett newsnight
Blissfully happy, or especially in the US, “superlunary” over the moon
Capital of Assyria, sacked by Medes and Persians in 612BC NINEVEH
Careless, hasty writing SCRAWL
Control surfaces on tailplanes aiding descent and climbing ELEVATORS
County where Larne and Ballymena are situated ANTRIM
Determine definitely ASCERTAIN
Early 13th-century document limiting the king’s power magna carta
Fashion designer Jean Muir called dressmaking “engineering with ____” FABRIC
Fawlty Towers actor who rued turning down the role of Victor Meldrew as the early scripts did not impress him Andrew Sachs
Fine red wine from the left bank of the Gironde MEDOC
Flaky rolls accompanying French breakfast coffee CROISSANTS
Former Australian cricket captain, sacked following a ball-tampering episode in a 2018 Test match in South Africa Steve Smith
Fringe or tassel of short unwoven threads THRUM
Fund-raising veteran from Marston Moretaine who said “Tomorrow will be a good day” Captain Sir Tom Moore
Heraldic feature shared by Jamaican and Scottish flags SALTIRE
Honda 2-door saloon or 3-door hatchback launched in 1972 CIVIC
In mint condition Brand-new
Italian soft cheese, an ingredient of tiramisu MASCARPONE
Its demi-cantons are Ausserrhoden and Innerrhoden APPENZELL
Large gun dog bred to fetch game birds RETRIEVER
Leader of the Argonauts in Greek mythology JASON
Location of the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra megalithic temples, and the Auberge de Castille MALTA
Lord ____ was a minister in the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Labour governments ADONIS
Media coverage of an event REPORTAGE
Men’s winter underwear reputedly first made in Matlock long johns
Nursery rhyme character accused of spoiling his brother’s “nice new rattle” TWEEDLEDEE
Old name for part of north Africa, once a centre of piracy Barbary Coast
One’s established attitudes and ideas mind-set
Second World War clandestine boat trips from Scottish isles to assist the Norwegian resistance movement Shetland Bus
She and Allan Quatermain are adventure novels by ____ Rider Haggard
Songs of Praise presenter, once a Bangor Cathedral treble Aled Jones
Sports footwear company named after an African antelope REEBOK
Strong-scented medicinal herb in the daisy family, used by many migraine sufferers FEVERFEW
Subdivision of a cavalry squadron TROOP
The One Show presenter, formerly partnered by Matt Baker Alex Jones
The world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state, with buildings heated by natural hot water REYKJAVIK
Toy dog breed; Queen Victoria’s was called Dash King Charles spaniel
Variety of daisy, also called marguerite OXEYE
Went towards __ trouble? Headed for
____ ties were popularised by 1960s and 1970s fashion designer Michael Fish KIPPER