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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 264 May 2 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 264
Clues Answers
“Blood, sweat and tears” and “Money is the root of all evil” are ____ MISQUOTATIONS
Abbess who, with Patrick and Columba, is a patron saint of Ireland St Brigid
Action, time and place as “Aristotelean” dramatic principles, devised in 16th-century Italy Three unities
BBC newsreader recently appointed as the new host of Mastermind Clive Myrie
Bed with columns and a canopy, often with curtains four-poster
Beethoven’s ____ symphony includes a setting of Ode to Joy NINTH
Before 2017, Britain’s only 12-sided coin Threepenny bit
Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisya or Sudra in Hindu society CASTE
Chalk cliffs between Cuckmere Haven and Beachy Head on the Sussex coast seven sisters
Cocktail of brandy with Cointreau and lemon juice SIDECAR
Composer of Le Tombeau de Couperin and La Valse RAVEL
Division of the High Court of Justice CHANCERY
Farewell to the French about to depart ADIEU
Fibrous heat-resistant mineral, a cause of mesothelioma ASBESTOS
Firearm like Dirty Harry’s Smith and Wesson Model 29 six-shooter
Has a good relationship with someone Hits it off
HMS _____, Britain’s last surviving major warship of the Second World War, is moored as a museum near Tower Bridge BELFAST
In Cecile Aubry’s novel and its film adaptations, Belle is Sebastian’s ____ mountain dog PYRENEAN
In law, to serve someone with notice before seizing money GARNISH
In poetry, a ____ rhyme is between stressed syllables followed by identical unstressed ones, as in “merrily” and “verily” FEMININE
Informally, the aquatic creature in the 1934 “Surgeon’s photograph” NESSIE
Investigations by coroners INQUESTS
Malé is the capital of this Indian Ocean archipelagic nation MALDIVES
Mediterranean island port, the birthplace of Napoleon AJACCIO
Middle name of the poet who wrote Prometheus Unbound BYSSHE
One of two main formal accompaniments to a DJ black tie
Organ manual which controls soft sweet-toned pipes CHOIR
Record company, part of Universal Music Group since 2012 EMI
Rugby forwards in the front row of a scrum PROPS
Shakespeare’s Henry V tells his troops to “____ the action of the tiger” IMITATE
Short section of sharp bends in a motor-racing track CHICANE
Short trousers, often worn at Munich’s Oktoberfest LEDERHOSEN
Shrill or piping REEDY
Stephen Potter’s 1952 book about gaining an advantage one-upmanship
Stretch of road on which motorists should not stop CLEARWAY
Stringed instrument associated with Hawaii UKULELE
The German for “boy” junge
The gift of money or property from a will LEGACY
The last minute __ or 60 times as long? Eleventh hour
The Toffees EVERTON
The ___ of Faith show commitment to Sikhism Five Articles
The ____ of Abraham is a park with caverns, reached by cable car from Matlock in Derbyshire HEIGHTS
To cite something as evidence, especially in law ADDUCE
Tony Blair went to school at ____ College in Edinburgh FETTES
Tracking device, as found on the telescopes at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire Radar antenna
Trim and neat, in good order SHIPSHAPE
TV cooks Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson Two Fat Ladies
Unseparated stamps with different face values are ____ se tenant
US opera singer who sang at the 1996 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Atlanta and at the second inauguration of Bill Clinton a year later Jessye Norman
US short-story writer William Sidney Porter’s pseudonym O Henry
____ desperandum means “do not despair” NIL
____ International is a global human rights organisation AMNESTY