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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 310 March 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 310
Clues Answers
“And too many moonlight kisses / Seem to cool in the ____ of the sun” (When I Fall in Love lyrics) WARMTH
16th-century vying card game, its name meaning “first” PRIMERO
2009 romcom in which an executive’s assistant acts as her fiancĂ© The Proposal
A carpet suitable for a corridor RUNNER
A white or pale heron EGRET
An integer can also be called a “____ number” WHOLE
Animal whose ears are often described as banana-shaped LLAMA
Cary Grant starred as a shady gambler in this 1943 film Mr Lucky
Comic actor remembered for a shop window illusion Harry Worth
Components of a modern telecommunications cable optical fibres
Country house in Kent, bought by Churchill in 1922 CHARTWELL
Eric Carle’s best-known book is The ____ Very Hungry Caterpillar
Forename of the jazz cornetist whose records were sought in The 27A BIX
Former Labour MP Brian ____ wrote a Sunday Times column from 1986 to 1990 WALDEN
Frederick ____ was the Royal Ballet’s chief choreographer until 1970 ASHTON
In a motorway service station, you might use this device made by Mitsubishi or Dyson hand dryer
In George Meredith’s novel The ____, Sir Willoughby Patterne can’t see why Clara Middleton doesn’t want to marry him EGOIST
In music, ____ form uses contrasting sections A and B, followed by a repeat of A TERNARY
John ____ was a founder of a silverware company which later created jewellery for royalty mappin
King of England who was married to Anne of Denmark James I
Market town at the confluence of the Tweed and Teviot KELSO
Nationality of Gal Gadot, who has played Wonder Woman in four films ISRAELI
Processed corundite used to make abrasive papers emery powder
Recreational expedition; Swahili for “journey” SAFARI
River described as “silvery” in at least four of William McGonagall’s “poetic gems” TAY
Smaller cog revolving around a sun wheel planet gear
Someone like Dorothy Hodgkin, Bob Dylan or Milton Friedman nobel laureate
Spelt with two different vowels, the patron saint of Winchester cathedral SWITHUN
Staffordshire town, reputedly spelt in more than 70 ways since it was “Wotocheshede” in the Domesday Book UTTOXETER
Strudel, rugelach and baklava are ____ products PASTRY
Student of the culture of South America, except for Brazil and the Guianas hispanist
The Advanced ____ Reactor replaced the Magnox reactor gas-cooled
The northern polar ____ can make eastbound transatlantic flights two hours shorter than westbound ones jet stream
The smallest of Japan’s five main islands OKINAWA
The ____ was an ITV serial about the unlikely adventures of two schoolteachers Beiderbecke Affair
Ticks are vectors of the Borrelia bacteria causing ____ Lyme disease
To come ____ is to return to a starting point full circle
Transmission of information using a satellite uplinking
TV show featuring a conveyor belt, first aired in 1971 the Generation Game
Type of dress worn for informal entertaining at home tea gown
Type of fountain pen nib producing thick and thin strokes STUB
Usually orange toy enabling entertaining locomotion space hopper
Usually wooden compartment, with a pencil on a string voting booth
Where compasses in London pointed in September 2019 true north
With much energy or force like a man possessed
You can now play 1D’s puzzle at www. NYTIMES
____ played Wonder Woman on late 1970s TV Lynda Carter
____ Project North, focused on the sea, is expected to open in Morecambe in 2024 EDEN
____’s puzzle recently made him a dollar millionaire josh Wardle
____’s Valpinçon Bather reappears in The Turkish Bath INGRES