The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 313 April 10 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 313
Clues Answers
“Every other author may aspire to ____; the lexicographer can only hope to escape reproach” (Samuel Johnson) PRAISE
“The Manassa Mauler”, world heavyweight champion, 1919-26 Jack Dempsey
1960s and 1970s ITV show in which Jonathan Routh played practical jokes on the unsuspecting public candid camera
A portable organ used mainly in renaissance times REGAL
A skilled musician or instrumentalist VIRTUOSO
A term for industrial action not approved by the relevant union WILDCAT
A term invented by Lewis Carroll for words such as brunch, chortle or smog PORTMANTEAU
Aeroplane component, also called a flap AILERON
An individual track in a marshalling yard SIDING
An irrational number has an infinite number of ____s Decimal place
Australian leg-spinner who dismissed Mike Gatting with the “ball of the century” in the 1993 Old Trafford Test Shane Warne
Australian wicketkeeper who died on the same day as 1A and who claimed 355 Test dismissals in his career Rodney Marsh
Belonging to dreams ONEIRIC
Boeing’s CH-47, a double rotor helicopter CHINOOK
Designated part of a depressed urban area, with tax and other concessions to attract businesses enterprise zone
F1 racing circuit in the Rhine valley which last hosted the German Grand Prix in 2019 hockenheim
Food which made the gods of ancient Greece immortal AMBROSIA
France’s highest order of merit, instituted by Napoleon in 1802 legion dhonneur
In Greek myth, the father of 50 sea nymphs NEREUS
Informal name for the football team which plays its home matches in West Bridgford Notts Forest
Location of the cochlea and vestibule inner ear
Long-tailed rodent native to western North America pack rat
March or yomp FOOTSLOG
Martine ____ played Tiffany Mitchell in Eastenders mccutcheon
Mediterranean herb, sometimes called wild marjoram OREGANO
Member of the comedy duo whose first TV show was Running Wild in 1954 Ernie Wise
One of the three patriarchs of the biblical Israelites ISAAC
One of two very successful sitcoms written by Roy Clarke and set in his native Yorkshire Open All Hours
One who sponges off others’ charity FREELOADER
Paris’s 5th ____ includes the Latin Quarter and the 15A ARRONDISSEMENT
Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren recorded this song as a follow-up to Goodness Gracious Me bangers and mash
Portable seat introduced into England from Italy in 1634 by Sanders Duncombe Sedan chair
Radio play by Terence Rattigan about the trial of Alma Rattenbury and her teenage lover for the murder of her third husband Cause Celebre
Service in traditional divine office, held around 3pm NONES
Sheets used for decorative purposes rather than writing Crepe paper
Small basin for holy water, especially near a church door STOUP
So to say as it were
Squares cut into seven pieces, used to form figures TANGRAMS
Stand used by surveyors and photographers TRIPOD
Term like “take the knee” in 2017 or “perestroika” in 1986 NEOLOGISM
The device used by Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland caterpillar HOOKAH
The second-largest of the Isles of Scilly Tresco
Theological college founded in 1253, later a name for the University of Paris SORBONNE
Tool used to alter photographs in the pre-digital era AIRBRUSH
Under Milk Wood’s ____ dreams about drowned sea-mates Captain Cat
Unreasonably expensive EXORBITANT

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