The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 317 May 8 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 317
Clues Answers
“Droopy awnings are out and only spirit-level precision works” (BBC2’s description of its ____ of the Year programmes shown in 2017) CARAVANNER
“I set out to destroy socialism because I felt it was ____ with the character of the people” (Margaret Thatcher) at odds
“Mobility as a service” provider, launched in the US in 2011 UBER
“Take note, take note, O world! / To be ____ and honest is not safe” (Iago in Othello) DIRECT
“The miserable have ____ medicine / But only hope” (Claudio in Measure for Measure) no other
1,000,000,000,000,000 or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 QUADRILLION
1970s TV show for children, in which the main characters were Penelope Arbuckle and a local witch Lizzie Dripping
A device used for leaving an aeroplane; informally, another such device CHUTE
A military slang alternative to “mufti” CIVVIES
A military task, or the group assigned to carry it out DETAIL
A premolar tooth has buccal and lingual ____s CUSP
A smell that’s usually bad ODOUR
A Winter Paralympics Super-G contestant may be a ____ monoskier
Another name for wampum shell money
Capital of the former Duchy of Lorraine NANCY
Chess piece often given a relative value of five points, a pawn being worth one ROOK
Device used to transmit speech in a noisy environment throat microphone
Dinnerladies canteen manager, played by Andrew Dunn Tony Martin
Exercise system using very slow controlled movements t’ai chi
Fast ships used to enforce customs regulations in the late 18th and early 19th centuries revenue cutters
From the Greek for “places”, literary themes or formulae topoi
Greek island, part of a British protectorate, 1815-64 CORFU
Having many offspring, or showing love towards them philoprogenitive
Hawaii’s second largest island; trickster in Polynesian myth MAUI
In British history, the best-remembered event of 1605 gunpowder plot
In French, a label; in English, standards of behaviour ETIQUETTE
Informally, especially in a sporting context, “completely” all ends up
Informally, ready and eager to participate hot to trot
Larry ____ played the harmonica on the soundtrack of the film Genevieve ADLER
One of the two projections close to a cannon’s centre of gravity TRUNNION
One of two Status Quo members awarded OBEs in 2010 rick Parfitt
Polish composer Witold ____’s third symphony was premiered by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1983 LUTOSLAWSKI
Repeated use of a fabric, seen as a fashion faux pas double denim
She’s ____ and He’s ____ are romcom films loosely based on Shaw’s Pygmalion all That
Someone studying the Christian church or its buildings ecclesiologist
Sour in taste; sharp or forthright in speech or comments ACERBIC
The answer to this clue is the least interesting GREYEST
The first device to execute instructions on punched cards jacquard loom
The first steamship purpose-built for Atlantic crossings Great Western
The kind of group depicted in TV’s Peaky Blinders series razor gang
The nurse lusted after by Arkwright in Open All Hours Gladys Emmanuel
The ____ blue butterfly is extinct in most of Britain LARGE
Village near Kingston upon Thames, renamed when a nearby suburb was created by the arrival of a railway Old Malden
Wichita ____ was a 1969 hit for Glen Campbell LINEMAN
Yiddish exclamation of dismay following “Leaving Brooklyn” on a road sign on New York’s Williamsburg Bridge oy vey
____ needed much help from umpires to finish first in the 1908 Olympic marathon, and was later disqualified Dorando Pietri
____ Place in Higham, Kent, was Dickens’s last home Gad’s Hill
____ wrote the TV series Trinity Tales, about a rugby league pilgrimage, including characters like the Wife of Batley Alan Plater

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