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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 318 May 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Specialist Crossword.

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 318
Clues Answers
“Live and die in Aristotle’s works” is a line from this Marlowe play Doctor Faustus
“The lassie I love best” in a Robert Burns poem JEAN
1987 single by Sinitta, her first collaboration with Stock Aitken Waterman toy boy
A candidate as a practical nuclear fusion reactor, named from a Russian acronym for “toroidal magnetic chamber” tokamak
A scholar of religion THEOLOGIAN
A ____ printer uses droplets of heated ink BUBBLEJET
Abstract painting style popular in the 1960s op art
Actress who played Dolores Umbridge in two Harry Potter films Imelda Staunton
Actress who starred with Al Pacino in Sea of Love Ellen Barkin
Although he played no games, ____ was the only Liverpool player in England’s 1970 World Cup squad Emlyn Hughes
Austria’s second largest city, sometimes symbolised by its Uhrturm (clock tower) GRAZ
Bellini’s last opera, set during the English Civil War I Puritani
Butterfly, once common in the UK, in decline due to loss of heathland silver-studded blue
Cake for which kirschwasser is a required ingredient in Germany black forest gateau
Cartoon cat with the catchphrase “Sufferin’ succotash!” SYLVESTER
City in which Starbucks was founded SEATTLE
Coastal region of California, and Jack Kerouac’s sequel to On the Road Big Sur
Colloquially, the shedding of tears WATERWORKS
Eastenders character played by Perry Fenwick since 1998 Billy Mitchell
Essex town, home to TOWIE locations like the Sugar Hut BRENTWOOD
FACE or “All cows eat grass” as used in musical education, for example MNEMONIC
Formally or humorously, to kiss OSCULATE
Format used in the Cricket World Cup ODI
Former province which contained 29 Across TRANSVAAL
Germany’s armed forces bundeswehr
Hock is sometimes called ____ wine RHENISH
In Anglo-Saxon times, a domestic slave ESNE
In Hinduism, a male religious teacher SWAMI
Informally, megapodes, Australasian birds which incubate their eggs in piles of decaying vegetation mound-builders
Ionised liquid typically used in batteries ELECTROLYTE
John Galsworthy’s best-known books The Forsyte Saga
Jointed dummies used by artists lay-figures
Like his Messiah, this Handel oratorio has a text from bible passages and no named characters Israel in Egypt
Lithuania, to a Lithuanian lietuva
Marinated beef dish which, despite its name, is of American origin London broil
Midlands castle; a Walter Scott novel featuring Elizabeth I KENILWORTH
One who adopts an affected manner to impress others POSEUR
Online abbreviation referring to offline interaction IRL
Physical feature forming much of the boundary between Europe and Asia Ural Mountains
Rubber and starch are examples of this kind of substance POLYMER
South African region where a gold rush followed the discovery of its main reef in 1886 WITWATERSRAND
The Morris ____ was the successor to the Marina ITAL
The time between spring equinoxes solar year
The work of a compositor TYPESETTING
Third chronological instalments of films, books etc threequels
To look ____ means to stare angrily at someone DAGGERS
To perform an act of servile respect KOWTOW
____’s Rube Goldbergian contraptions usually failed to catch the Road Runner Wile E Coyote