The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 330 August 7 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 330
Clues Answers
“Authority intoxicates, / And makes mere sots of magistrates; / The ____ of it invade the brain” (Samuel Butler) FUMES
“Idle hands are the Devil’s ____” (English proverb) playthings
1982 film in which Dustin Hoffman’s character uses deception to secure a soap opera role TOOTSIE
1991 film starring Michael J Fox as aspiring surgeon Benjamin Stone Doc Hollywood
2001 action film starring Steven Seagal and rapper DMX Exit Wounds
A common name for various notably prickly shrubs Christ’s thorn
A judge’s review of evidence given to the jury summing-up
A Lancashire ____ is traditionally served with pickled red cabbage HOTPOT
A rowdy reveller CAROUSER
Ancient Greece’s “father of geometry” EUCLID
Ben ____ was the main writer of the 1920s and 1930s Aldwych farces TRAVERS
Decoration of furniture with veneers, mainly of wood MARQUETRY
Footballer who co-hosted Match of the Day, 1992-2014 Alan Hansen
Game show first seen on British TV sets in 1951 What’s My Line
Garden game involving at least a dozen shots per player clock golf
German romanesque churches often have ____ at both ends of the nave APSES
Hamlet character with a name previously used in The Odyssey LAERTES
In 2018, British cyclist ____ became the third rider, after Eddy Mercx and Bernard Hinault, to hold all three Grand Tour titles simultaneously Chris Froome
In America, a luxury car noted for handling rather than comfort sports sedan
In social insects, a distinct form like queen or worker CASTE
Informally, anaesthetised UNDER
Irish poet who wrote the lyrics for The Last Rose of Summer and The Minstrel Boy Thomas Moore
Joe ____’s plays include Loot and Entertaining Mr Sloane ORTON
Leading Shakespeare actress in late 19th-century Britain Ellen Terry
Lionel Messi made his professional debut for FC ____ PORTO
Main protagonist of children’s books by Tove Jansson moomintroll
Measurement taken from crotch to ankle inside leg
Not suitable UNAPT
Old-fashioned or conservative behaviour FOGYISM
One of two names for a tissue transplant from an unrelated member of the same species homograft
Piglet: Do you think it’s a-a-a Woozle? Pooh: It may be. ____ it is, and ____ it isn’t SOMETIMES
Plant recommended by Culpeper to cure dimness of sight EYEBRIGHT
Prolific actor whose sole Oscar was for his role as Nick Chevotarevich in The Deer Hunter Christopher Walken
Purple ____ was once thought to improve dairy cow yields milk vetch
River which empties into the Arabian Sea near Karachi INDUS
Rodney’s girlfriend, later wife, in Only Fools and Horses CASSANDRA
Russian novelist Ivan ____ created the character Oblomov, a personification of procrastination and idleness goncharov
Singer who recorded I Know Him So Well (from Chess) with Barbara Dickson Elaine Paige
Small bird, widespread in much of Europe, and found in ancient pinewoods in northern Scotland crested tit
Someone who ____ does not play safe runs risks
Someone who ____ made a rather dishonest attempt to get something or impress someone tried it on
Spaghetti Junction lies in this suburb of Birmingham erdington
Surrey town named from Old English for “river-source” EWELL
The 2013 ____ Dealers Act made it illegal to pay cash for ____ scrap metal
The capital of Brazil, 1763-1960 Rio de Janeiro
The first name of the singer-songwriter known as Duffy AIMEE
The Mysterious ___ at Styles was Agatha Christie’s first book AFFAIR
The world’s largest bird of prey Andean condor
To make a security no longer tradeable at a stock exchange DELIST
Troublesome friends may be “emotionally ____” DRAINING

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