The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 335 September 11 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 335
Clues Answers
“French mustard” sold in the UK resembles ____ mustard rather than Dijon BORDEAUX
“Freude, schöner Gotterfunken / Tochter aus ____” (Ode to Joy lyrics) ELYSIUM
“____, Arizona / Don’t forget Winona” (Route 66 lyrics) FLAGSTAFF
1996 golf romcom with Kevin Costner and Rene Russo Tin Cup
A fortified dessert wine of Sicily MARSALA
A small illustration or short literary sketch VIGNETTE
Actress who played Edith Artois in ’Allo ’Allo! Carmen Silvera
Angles of 2 or 3 radians are ____ OBTUSE
Another name for the Furies in Greek mythology ERINYES
Asian mammal also called honey badger RATEL
Bell which calls Catholics to prayer ANGELUS
City with the oldest continuously operating university in the Americas LIMA
Consisting of a single part ONEFOLD
Conversion of an image stored as an outline into pixels rasterisation
Cylindrical coils of wire used as electromagnets SOLENOIDS
Dorset town where Mary Anning made significant fossil discoveries in the 19th century Lyme Regis
Dorset’s “abbey town of golden ironstone […] a town of schools” (Betjeman) SHERBORNE
German tennis player who beat Serena Williams in a 2018 Wimbledon final Angelique Kerber
In ancient Rome, one quarter of a denarius SESTERCE
In the Channel 4 sitcom Black Books, the bookshop is located in London’s ____ Russell Square
In ____ wrestling, holds below the waist are prohibited Graeco-Roman
In ____, a hand with no court cards is “carte blanche” PIQUET
Informally, those fighting for Garibaldi in his campaign to unify Italy red-shirts
Large semiaquatic rodent native to South America COYPU
Lord Protector of the Commonwealth 1653-1658 oliver cromwell
Mark added to a letter to modify its pronunciation DIACRITIC
Most non-committal CAGIEST
Nelson ____, played by Jack May, was a rogue in The Archers for 45 years GABRIEL
Not worthy of use INUTILE
One who experiences partial or total memory loss AMNESIAC
Opening words and alternative title of Sonnet X by John Donne Death Be Not Proud
Political party founded by Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon in 1973 LIKUD
Portable stand for carpenters away from their workshops SAWHORSE
Primordial matter of the universe, according to the Big Bang theory YLEM
Rock, heavy metal and punk magazine launched in 1981 kerrang
Shipping forecast area west of 32D FITZROY
Supplier of information on, eg, sports and politics (US) DOPESTER
Swiss ski resort favoured by Prince Charles KLOSTERS
The biblical forename of Yale University’s founder ELIHU
The Italian Army’s riflemen, with distinctive helmets BERSAGLIERI
Tincture of benzoin typically used as an inhalant friar’s balsam
To have a negative opinion (of) DISAPPROVE
Watery discharge, usually from eyes or nose RHEUM
Westernmost lake of the Lake District National Park Ennerdale Water
What Lucy Pevensie becomes in the Narnia books QUEEN
____ provided the first chance for women to study at Cambridge University Girton College
____ v2 (there was no v1) was the first commercially available SQL-based relational database management system ORACLE
____ wanders around Europe in a long poem by Byron childe harold
____’s law: With equal temperature and pressure, equal volumes of two gases contain equal numbers of molecules AVOGADRO

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