The Washington Post – Apr 1 2018

The Washington Post – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘Inside the NFL’ analyst ESIASON
‘Mad Men’ creations ADS
‘Today’ rival, for short GMA
‘Walk, Don’t Run’ actress Samantha EGGAR
2018 ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ addition AROD
All the tea in China? CHA
Anxious med. condition OCD
Attractive one? LURER
Baseball family name ALOU
Benjamin’s bill CNOTE
Berkshire boarding school ETON
Big bucks STAGS
Birds in Kilmer’s ‘Trees’ ROBINS
Blackens, as a flue SOOTS
Blarney Stone home EIRE
Bountiful native UTAHN
Brainstorm IDEATE
Broadway’s Hagen UTA
Bust unit KILO
Buy and sell quickly FLIP
Cabinet dept. with an atom on its seal ENER
Campaigners burn calories by __ PRESSINGTHEFLESH
Cancel at NASA SCRUB
Carides of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ GIA
Carve up ALLOT
Cat Nation people ERIES
Chance to play TURN
Changes lanes on? TARS
Chilling ONICE
Churchill, for one TORY
Clan symbols TOTEMS
Co. that spawned Baby Bells ATT
Collapses GIVES
College near Albany SIENA
Cornerstone abbr ESTAB
Domino product SUGAR
Driving hazard SKID
Earthshaking event TREMOR
Ecstasy’s opposite AGONY
Ecstatic way to walk ONAIR
Employees burn calories by __ PUNCHINGTHECLOCK
ESPN figures STATS
Facebook chuckle LOL
Fight in the boonies RASSLE
First name in folk ARLO
Forensic investigators burn calories by __ LIFTINGPRINTS
Former frosh SOPHS
German pistol LUGER
German, in Germany DEUTSCH
Getting warm CLOSE
God with a hammer THOR
Goose and hen? MOTHERS
Got glasses on credit? RANATAB
Got off the horse ALIT
Hardest to hang on to EELIEST
High degree NTH
High winds OBOES
Hit-by-pitch reminders WELTS
Hollywood’s Ken and Lena OLINS
In an insightful manner ASTUTELY
In pieces APART
In-crowd ALIST
Increased ROSE
Inscribe ETCH
Iolani Palace island OAHU
It’s stopped during a save PUCK
Kutcher of ‘The Ranch’ ASHTON
La Scala strain ARIA
Laura’s classic ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ wail OHROB
Clues Answers
Least distant NEAREST
Like many an AARP mem RET
Like the worst excuse LAMEST
Logical word from Descartes ERGO
Lonesome fish? SOLE
Lyrical ODIC
Map strip: Abbr ISTH
March family creator ALCOTT
Mediators burn calories by __ RUNNINGINTERFERENCE
Memphis middle name ARON
Mikhail’s wife RAISA
Monterrey day DIA
More than enough, usually ASLEW
Multiple Grammy winner Mitchell JONI
Newcastle’s river TYNE
Odds end? TOONE
Offshore ATSEA
Olive Garden staple PASTA
Omani money RIAL
One of the Baldwins ALEC
One of the Jenners KYLIE
One way to think ALOUD
Org. with specialists AMA
Part of INON
Pequod’s chief mate STARBUCK
Picks on TAUNTS
Place to go in Gloucester LOO
Positive words from one in a slump IMDUE
Pouches SACS
Purposes USES
Puts an edge on HONES
Quattro maker AUDI
Renaissance REBIRTH
Researchers burn calories by __ SURFINGTHEWEB
Ritz-Carlton rival OMNI
Rock music memoir ITINA
Roger succeeded him in Bond films SEAN
Runway display FASHION
Russian crepes BLINI
Salty solution BRINE
Self-named sitcom ELLEN
Shopper, at times TOTER
Short relative? SIB
Shot target FLU
Sign of balance? LIBRA
Skyline standout SPIRE
Son of Akhenaten TUT
Stale cookie in crosswords? OREO
Strong preferences, casually FAVES
Tandoori bread NAN
The last game there was played 9/28/2008 SHEA
The Phantom of the Opera ERIK
Theater warning SHH
Those, in Tijuana ESOS
Toadies burn calories by __ JUMPINGTHROUGHHOOPS
Toon dog sharing a name with an MLB player ASTRO
Trent Reznor’s band, initially NIN
Unadorned BARE
Used as security, in a way PAWNED
Weight unit GRAM
Where Kinshasa is CONGO
Witness’ lineup choice, ideally PERP
Wizard revealer TOTO
Word in Duncan Hines ads MOIST
Word with ant or brat ARMY
Words of denial NOTI
__ cuisine HAUTE
__ different tune: change one’s mind SINGA
__ Domino FATS
__ Moon: Henry Hudson’s ship HALF
__ spot SORE

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