The Washington Post – Apr 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Good heavens!’ MYOHMY
‘Got it’ on the radio TENFOUR
‘House’ actor EPPS
‘I’m good, thanks’ NONEFORME
‘Okay, back to work’ DUTYCALLS
Avon product? BARD
Bad salt container? BRIG
Black and Red SEAS
Bow tie alternative ANGELHAIR
Brat’s place DELI
Camp craft TIEDYE
Canvas primer GESSO
Certain NCOs SSGTS
Clematis supports TRELLISES
Contractor’s no EST
District WARD
Eeyore, for one PESSIMIST
Eldest March sister MEG
Ellery Queen and Raven awards, e.g EDGARS
Endangered chimpanzees BONOBOS
English subdivision SHIRE
Extremely OHSO
Female lover INAMORATA
Fifth canonical hour NONES
Fifth-century Roman Empire enemy ATTILA
Focus of some climate change concerns POLARBEAR
Gases (up) FILLS
Grenoble green VERT
Guard attachment? RAIL
Had in view EYED
Half a comedy duo MEARA
Half-Blood Prince of fiction SNAPE
Historic Italian family ESTE
How to get to Carnegie Hall, perhaps HAILACAB
Clues Answers
Impressive dismount BACKFLIP
It’s a lock HASP
Letters at the top of a window HTTP
Like a comment that may elicit ‘Oh, snap!’ SNARKY
Many a tax filer’s need: Abbr SSN
Many an Egyptian pharaoh RAMSES
Medium access? AFTERLIFE
Menu type Dropdown
Nav. rank CMDR
Offend, in a way REEK
One might be picky EATER
Pacific resort, popularly CABO
Plotted together CONSPIRED
Potential PROMISE
Published in installments SERIAL
Rarely a problem for happy-go-lucky types ANGST
Resort near Snowbird ALTA
Reunion attendees GRADS
Rickman who played 8-Across ALAN
Roger who played the U.K. ambassador on ‘The West Wing’ REES
See 26-Down OFALL
Shoulder-length do PAGEBOY
Showed emotion SHEDATEAR
Sub or Santa follower ROSA
Terse street sign SLO
Thames gallery TATE
TV Marine PYLE
Typographic measure PICA
Viking accessory OVENRACK
Waze forerunner ROADATLAS
When some things will change? NEVER
With 51-Down, tops BEST

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