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The Washington Post – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Wrinkle in Time’ girl MEG
‘Shut your trap!’ … and, graphically, what the circled letters do PUTALIDONIT
‘The Producers’ screenwriter Brooks MEL
Actress Headey of ‘Game of Thrones’ LENA
Anatomical canals ITERS
Artist whose apartment overlooks Strawberry Fields ONO
Auburn or Princeton athletes TIGERS
Auld lang syne YORE
Becomes used (to) INURES
Bern’s river AARE
Boar, e.g PIG
Bring about LEADTO
Bullring ‘Bravo!’ OLE
Calming agents ALLAYERS
Carbon compound ENOL
Certain tanker OILER
Cheerios TATAS
Choice word ELSE
Common ID SSN
Competitive dry spells SLUMPS
Computers that may run Virtual PC MACS
Court fig ATT
Distribute, with ‘out’ METE
Earlier AGO
Emotional wounds TRAUMAS
Enclosed for security, in a way GATED
Eye malady STYE
Famous final question ETTU
Film directors’ challenges EGOS
Final: Abbr ULT
Fr. company CIE
Group of eight OCTAD
H.S. exam for college credit APTEST
Home of college sports’ Green Wave TULANE
ICU staffer LPN
Jets and Nets TEAMS
Clues Answers
Kenan’s comedy cohort KEL
Krypton escapee KALEL
Like crazy ALOT
Links letters PGA
Longtime Bob Keeshan kids’ character CAPTAINKANGAROO
Luxury hotel facility SPA
Mass communication? LITANY
Mediterranean peak ETNA
Migratory herring SHAD
Mme., in Madrid SRA
Modern Olympic event one shoots for? PENTATHLON
Motherly start MATRI
Muchos meses ANOS
New York Harbor’s __ Island ELLIS
Old __ PRO
On the ship ABOARD
Pay attention TUNEIN
Philatelist’s pride STAMPCOLLECTION
Precisely TOAT
Prefix for movement revivals NEO
Presidential nickname ABE
Prince Valiant’s son ARN
Sinewy ROPY
Somewhat blue RACY
Soothed LULLED
Sounds of disgust UGHS
Spanish article UNA
Street thief MUGGER
Sun Bowl city ELPASO
Tears RIPS
Tennessee River city CHATTANOOGA
Tsk relative TUT
Twinkly, skywise STARLIT
Uni- + bi- TRI
Where to get gefilte fish KOSHERDELI