The Washington Post – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cheers’ setting BAR
‘Full Frontal’ host Samantha BEE
‘M*A*S*H’ actor Jamie FARR
‘What a shame!’ ALAS
‘You’re __ talk!’ ONETO
2014 film set in Alabama SELMA
Accident investigation agcy NTSB
Actress Redgrave VANESSA
Anna Paquin won her Oscar for ‘The Piano’ at it AGEELEVEN
Asian New Year TET
Ball belles DEBS
Board, in ‘room and board’ MEALS
Central American nation NICARAGUA
Chain saw brand STIHL
Civil rights org NAACP
Colgate rival CREST
Dosage amts CCS
Drink with a polar bear mascot ICEE
Egyptian viper ASP
Emergency status REDALERT
End of a Basque ball game? ALAI
Exciting section of 37-Across, familiarly … and a configuration found in four apt places in this puzzle AMENCORNER
Farm field unit ACRE
Faucet brand MOEN
Fenway team: Abbr BOS
Few and far between RARE
Formerly, formerly ERST
French friends AMIS
God with a bow EROS
Golfer’s target HOLE
Good luck symbol HORSESHOE
Granola grain OATS
Grazing grounds LEAS
Insolence SASS
Italian smoker ETNA
Clues Answers
Joe Torre’s retired Yankee uniform number SIX
Karate skill award BELT
Les __-Unis ETATS
Litigant SUER
Miss Hannigan’s charge ANNIE
Montreal Canadien, to hockey fans HAB
Museum collection ART
Musty-smelling FUNKY
Overflow (with) TEEM
Paper order REAM
PC bailout key ESC
Quizzes ASKS
Rating unit STAR
Real estate measure AREA
Sailor’s ‘Halt!’ AVAST
Saint Kitts neighbor NEVIS
She walked into Rick’s gin joint ILSA
Show of strength? FLEX
Skinny South American country CHILE
Songwriter Leonard COHEN
Speech therapy subject LISP
Springsteen’s __ Band ESTREET
Swedish auto SAAB
Swimming event MEET
Tapped symbol ICON
Tennis score LOVE
Three-piece pieces VESTS
Toronto’s Rogers Centre, for one ARENA
Totally at sea LOST
Tournament that awards a green jacket THEMASTERS
Unadulterated PURE
Warm, in a game NEAR
Website with a ‘Craft Supplies & Tools’ section ETSY
Western state capital SALEM
Whirlpool brand AMANA
Whispering party game TELEPHONE
Wolfgang Puck restaurant chain SPAGO
__ Domini ANNO
__ mater ALMA

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