The Washington Post – Apr 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Do the Right Thing’ pizzeria SALS
‘House’ actor Epps OMAR
‘Many fresh streams meet in one salt __’: Shakespeare SEA
‘Star Wars’ saga fixture LEIA
‘That is my intention’ IMEANTO
‘The Goldbergs’ airer ABC
16th-century Sorrento-born poet TASSO
20-volume ref OED
98-Across’ lang ITAL
Acer employee TECH
Acer rival DELL
Actor Davis OSSIE
All over the world GLOBAL
Alter, as a tailor might RESEAM
Archipelago with an eponymous wine MADEIRA
Arsonist’s alibi? FLAMEEXCUSE
ATM giant NCR
Banzai Pipeline feature SURF
Barely bested, with ‘out’ NOSED
Big weight ONETON
Bombers’ home? BRONX
Bookkeeping no ACCT
Brand including Regenerist products OLAY
Brilliant display ECLAT
Cape user MATADOR
Capital of Eritrea ASMARA
Cause of business failure? CORPORATEFLAW
Champagne cocktail MIMOSA
Conquered after being lost, as territory RETAKEN
Conquistador’s treasure ORO
Consumer protection org FTC
CXII halved LVI
Dangerous thing to fall in with BADCROWD
Defiant reply to a dare WATCHME
Distinguished screwballs? GREATFLAKES
Dueling party FENCER
Dumpster hoverers? PACKOFFLIES
Embarks STARTS
Emulate a condor SOAR
End of an ultimatum ORLEAVEIT
Enhances ADDSTO
Enterprise bridge figure SULU
Eponymous reader UTNE
Eponymous salad creator COBB
Equanimity BALANCE
Eurasian border river URAL
Even once EVER
Exiled, with ‘away’ SENT
First Family name IVANKA
First word of ‘Send in the Clowns’ ISNT
Food in a humility metaphor PIE
Foolish one YOYO
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Full-figured model born Melissa Miller EMME
Glitzy rock genre GLAM
Golden quality? SILENCE
Goliath, to David FOE
Grounds crew concern TURF
Gurus’ retreats ASHRAMS
Hall of Fame chef De Laurentiis GIADA
Humanities degs BAS
Hurricanes form over them OCEANS
Hygiene product for very big teeth? SUBSTANTIALFLOSS
Ill-gotten gains GRIFT
Information source, with ‘the’ WEB
Interfaith service attendees? COMBINATIONFLOCK
Its Space Command has HQ in Colorado USAF
Clues Answers
Java creation APPLET
Kitchen gadget PEELER
Knickknack perch SHELF
Levelheaded SANE
License holder? WALLET
Like Stephen King’s Pennywise CREEPY
Little piggy TOE
London’s __ Gardens KEW
Low cards TREYS
Lowly worker SERF
Make less dangerous, as a snake DEFANG
Manhattan region EASTSIDE
Market SELL
Math subj ALG
Medium power? ESP
More than not MOST
Niche market for airport bookstores? FLIGHTREADING
Nonconforming IRREGULAR
Omega, to a physicist OHM
One changing lines, perhaps EDITOR
Opposite of a squeaker ROUT
Ornamental shrub YEW
Pacific Rim nation PERU
Part of it is on L.I NYC
Pixar output, briefly CGI
Pre-adulthood stages PUPAE
Procure GET
Radius location ARM
Raised symbol of resistance FIST
Really angry STEAMEDUP
Reliable sort TROUPER
Ruth wore one CAP
S.F. commuting system BART
SALT subject ABM
Sardine catcher NET
Sheep group FOLD
Sleep disorder APNEA
Soft & __: deodorant DRI
Sol preceders FAS
Spheres ORBS
Spherical organ EYE
State requiring ‘Stat!’ URGENCY
Stimulating nut BETEL
Stop by VISIT
Stop on the briny AVAST
Storied vessel ARK
Sunrise dirección ESTE
They’re chewed in pastures CUDS
Tinkered with DABBLEDIN
Tom of ‘Newhart’ POSTON
Track competitor RUNNER
TV planet ORK
Unrefined RAW
Uproar over a controversial win? VICTORYFLAP
Vanquish BEAT
Vasarely’s genre OPART
Vending machine opening SLOT
Venerable retailer SEARS
What kilowatt hours measure USAGE
Women’s fashion chain ANNTAYLOR
Word for word?: Abbr SYN
Workers’ org. formed in 1886 AFL
Wreaked state HAVOC
Wrigley Field stats RBIS
WWI battle river SOMME
Yawn-inducing DULL
Young socialite DEB
__ food HEALTH
__ resources HUMAN

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