The Washington Post – Aug 11 2018

Clues Answers
‘Am I early?’ TOOSOON
‘I’ll have the last laugh!’ JUSTYOUWAIT
‘Likewise no’ NEITHERDOI
‘Look out!’ FORE
‘The Da Vinci Code’ priory SION
‘WWE Raw’ airer USA
Accessory seen in a loge OPERAHAT
American posting, for short ETA
Arizona people YAQUI
Artist Aragonés of Mad SERGIO
Astronaut transports JETPACKS
Cash bar? INGOT
Cocky walks, maybe SAUNTERS
Cocoon occupants PUPAE
Complain. All. The. Time YAMMER
Contributor of two cents OPINER
Courtroom VIPs DAS
Cursed SWORE
Dealer’s supply PARTS
ER test MRI
Exorcist’s concern POSSESSION
Fall back (on) RELY
Feel offended by RESENT
Feel pity BLEED
FireDome and Fireflite DESOTOS
Fraternity character TAU
Give away, in a way SPOIL
Grain bane ERGOT
Great guy? SCOTT
Happens next ENSUES
Internet annoyance TROLL
Investment option PUT
Just passed GOTAD
Clues Answers
Leon on many spines URIS
Like some private school curricula FAITHBASED
Longest river in France LOIRE
Lower one’s credit rating? LOSEFACE
Member of TLC LOVING
Miracle-__ GRO
Norfolk sch ODU
Occupy, as a bar SITAT
Omni alternative MARRIOTT
One often thrown from a horse ROPE
One on the run JOGGER
OTC drug overseer FDA
Pares proportionately SCALESDOWN
Philip __, first Asian-American film actor with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star AHN
Player for a 39-Down IPOD
PNC Park player PIRATE
Prairie home TEPEE
Scornful looks SNEERS
Scour, say ABRADE
Short way? RTE
Small racer GOKART
Soft drinks with lime juice VIRGINDAIQUIRIS
Solemn song DIRGE
Stud site LOBE
Touch ABUT
Two-timer CAD
Type type ELITE
Unhealthy thing to hold GRUDGE
Water conduit SPOUT
Water holders PAILS
What ‘instant’ may mean ADDWATER
What’s worn when you’re out? PJS
__ Four FAB

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