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The Washington Post – Aug 20 2018

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‘… mighty __ has struck out’ CASEY
‘Lil” rapper KIM
‘__ a Sin’: Pet Shop Boys hit ITS
Airer of old quiz show reruns, for short GSN
All people, with ‘the’ HUMANRACE
Animal house ZOO
Anne Brontë, to Emily SISTER
Anne who teamed with Stiller MEARA
AP competitor UPI
Attacks HASAT
Attempt TRY
Birth control activist Margaret SANGER
Bounce off the wall CAROM
Boutonniere site LAPEL
Chopped cabbage sides SLAWS
Chowder bit CLAM
Coif for the prom UPDO
Consider to be DEEM
Conversation TALK
Coop layer HEN
Doodle on the guitar STRUM
Every cloud’s silver feature? LINING
False statements LIES
Fashion’s Versace GIANNI
Fills (someone) in about the latest developments BRINGSUPTOSPEED
Flat to change, in Chelsea TYRE
Florida, mostly PENINSULA
Get a guffaw from AMUSE
Get up ARISE
Go limp WILT
Hawaiian root TARO
He broke Ruth’s home run record MARIS
Heavenly bear URSA
Hollywood pre-award speculation OSCARBUZZ
Huge hit SMASH
Ironic exclamation before an unsurprising announcement NEWSFLASH
Jazz music fan HEPCAT
Legend MYTH
Lexicographer’s love WORDS
Michelob diet beer ULTRA
Mine, in Metz AMOI
Moe or Curly, e.g STOOGE
Muffin spread OLEO
NCO below sgt CPL
Not kidding SERIOUS
One of many in TV’s ‘The Americans’ SPY
Online chats, briefly IMS
Online site for making a will LEGALZOOM
Opposite of SSW NNE
Pointy-hatted garden figures GNOMES
Pooh-poohs, with ‘at’ SCOFFS
Pre-Kentucky Derby postings ODDS
Profited GAINED
Rainbow flag letters LGBT
Running free LOOSE
San Antonio mission ALAMO
Some fridges GES
Sports stadium ARENA
Starbucks tea brand TAZO
Stuns in an arrest TASES
Suffix with violin IST
Summer weather word HEAT
System of connected PCs LAN
Thin spaghetti ANGELHAIR
Total up (to) AMOUNT
Tree with needles PINE
Unit of resistance OHM
Wagner work OPERA
Wards (off) FENDS
Way in the woods PATH
Weizman of Israel EZER
Well-ventilated AIRY
Wooden shoe SABOT
__-di-dah: pretentious LAH
__-pitch SLO