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The Washington Post – Aug 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Brothers & Sisters’ matriarch NORA
‘Deadpool’ actor Reynolds RYAN
‘Honestly!’ NOLIE
‘Marvelous’ HOWNICE
‘Yowza!’ OHBABY
Alley goop TAR
Basic studio class ARTI
Brewery sugar MALTOSE
Bungle MISDO
Camper’s anchors TENTSTAKES
Check for drinks TAB
Congo line? EQUATOR
Coppers CENTS
Copycat’s talent APERY
Darn things SEW
Do an inside job? OPERATE
European underground nickname THETUBE
Fair rewards RIBBONS
Film fawn BAMBI
Flood insurance, once upon a time ARK
Forbids BANS
Framework for retiring BEDSTEAD
Gael, for one CELT
Grizabella the Glamour Cat’s solo MEMORY
Group concerned with good breeding KENNELCLUB
Hosp. sections ERS
House coat PAINTJOB
Hybrid roast TURDUCKEN
Inflict on DOTO
Kirkuk native IRAQI
Knot remover NECKRUB
Lacking versatility ONENOTE
Maroon at a chalet, maybe ICEIN
Matching TWIN
Name on ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’ theater poster ORSON
Nine Inch Nails founder Reznor TRENT
Nocturnal Asian snake KRAIT
Not pointless? ONTOPIC
Olympic gear EPEES
One pulling his weight around Christmas BLITZEN
Org. with an ‘Odd News’ web page UPI
Party bites from the toaster oven PIZZAROLLS
Proactiv target ZIT
Puerto Rico’s __ de Morro CASTILLO
Pulitzer-winning film critic EBERT
Raised eyebrow, e.g ARC
Sent along RELAYED
Singer ranked #10 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time RAYCHARLES
Single from Dylan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks’ TANGLEDUPINBLUE
Small restaurants BISTROS
Some navels INNIES
Speakeasy circulator BGIRL
Sporty truck, briefly UTE
Square EVEN
Stinging response YEOW
Stomach ABIDE
Structural beam IBAR
Stuff on the deck STAIN
Terry’s role in the original ‘Wizard of Oz’ TOTO
They’re split EXES
Toasting candidate RYEBREAD
Took too many courses? OVERATE
Toronto’s prov ONT
Ugly looks SNEERS
Vince with 18 CMA Awards GILL
Warehouse supplies SKIDS
Where old records may be kept JUKEBOX
Word with home or slide RULE
Xbox devotee GAMER