The Washington Post – Aug 26 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cast Away’ setting ISLE
‘Frozen’ princess ANNA
‘Full House’ surname TANNER
‘Les Misérables’ girl COSETTE
‘Mr. Citizen’ autobiographer TRUMAN
‘My treat’ ONME
‘Phooey!’ BAH
‘The Crow’ actress Ling BAI
‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ quartet STANZAS
‘What did I tell you?’ SEE
‘Your table’s ready’ gizmo PAGER
‘__ Rosenkavalier’ DER
*Convenient carrier HANDBASKET
*Fund for fun PINMONEY
*It covers the Batmobile BLACKPAINT
*Item found in a parlor CUESTICK
*Octal system BASEEIGHT
*Path for a promising young exec FASTTRACK
*Pneumatic silo declogger AIRCANNON
*Small, flat legume BUTTERBEAN
102-Down opposite EVEN
14-Down opposite ODD
1988 Summer Olympics site KOREA
Acclimatize ENURE
Anchored MOORED
Animal lovers’ org SPCA
Anise liqueur OUZO
Art supporter? EASEL
Audition piece ARIA
Award for ‘Mr. Mercedes’ EDGAR
B-day numbers YRS
Backtalk SASS
Barbaric BRUTISH
Bear witness ATTEST
Birdsong CALL
Braille bits DOTS
Braying beast ASS
Bronze component TIN
Budget bin record REISSUE
Calder pieces MOBILES
Carne __ ASADA
Cheerleaders’ handfuls POMPOMS
Chekov on ‘Star Trek’ PAVEL
City of NE Italy UDINE
Conviction FAITH
Cooling-off period? ICEAGE
Dieter’s concern FATS
Directed STEERED
Distinctive Rolls Royce feature GRILLE
Drink from a bowl LAPUP
Extraction sites MINES
Eye-fooling genre OPART
Fanatic MANIAC
Fashion first name COCO
Flop’s opposite SMASH
Fouls up, as plans DERAILS
French article UNE
French city where William the Conqueror is buried CAEN
From C to C OCTAVE
Garbage hauler SCOW
Genealogy chart TREE
Golden or Walden POND
Green prefix ECO
Group of 13, traditionally COVEN
Heinz Field player STEELER
Hikes from the center SNAPS
Ice __ SKATE
Italian noble family ESTE
Italian smoker ETNA
Last to arrive LATEST
Least extreme SANEST
Lie next to ABUT
Lift one’s spirits? TOPE
Like Fran Drescher’s voice NASAL
Longtime ’60 Minutes’ reporter STAHL
Lustful deity SATYR
Many a text writer SCHOLAR
Many an IKEA buy KIT
Military band SASH
Newton fruit FIG
Nickname for young Skywalker ANI
Old copiers SCRIBES
One taking a lot of notes TELLER
One way to get you RUSE
Ottoman bigwig BEY
Passionate FIERY
Pixel pattern IMAGE
Plague critter LOCUST
Poet Pablo Neruda, e.g CHILEAN
Portfolio listings ASSETS
Prefix with centric HELIO
Prefix with gram HOLO
Pro follower RATA
Proclaims ASSERTS
Pudding starch TAPIOCA
Queen lead guitarist __ May BRIAN
Ramshackle SHABBY
Ramshackle shelters LEANTOS
Rapid __ TRANSIT
React to an awkward moment CRINGE
Regrets RUES
Rents LETS
Right on the map EAST
Sacred Nile bird IBIS
Santa has a famous one LIST
Secret stuff CODES
See 56-Across AUNT
Shade of green MOSS
Significant time ERA
Small price to pay CENT
Sofer of soaps RENA
Sonic the Hedgehog maker SEGA
Soothes ALLAYS
Spaced out APART
Spender of rials OMANI
Sponge (up) SOP
Spots for sports ARENAS
Subject of a Dean Martin classic AMORE
Tack room item SADDLE
Take the wrong way? GRAB
Takes the odds BETS
Target rival KMART
Teatro __ Scala ALLA
Telescope eyepiece OCULAR
Tied-under-the-chin topper BONNET
Toy with a tail KITE
Track figure RACER
Trattoria entrée SCAMPI
Weasel relative OTTER
Weevil’s target BOLL
What Indiana sought ARK
Wilson of ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies REBEL
Woolly mama EWE
Worrisome engine sound RATTLE
Worrywart, at times PACER
Your cousin’s 81-Across, maybe MOM
__ Ste. Marie SAULT
__ Victor RCA

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